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Mark Hamill Comments on Carrie Fisher 'Star Wars: Episode IX' News

Freaking Mark Hamill, making me cry first thing on a Sunday morning with his wonderful words about the Star Wars: Episode IX casting news.Yesterday, the actor who brought the Cosmic Conflict program character Luke Skywalker to life tweeted about the news that Star Wars: The Last Jedi would not be the last time audiences saw the Jedi.Today,[...]

Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia WILL Return in 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Buried in the Star Wars: Episode IX casting confirmations today came the news that our dearly departed Carrie Fisher will indeed be returning to the galaxy far, far away as Princess General Leia Organa.In the big announcement posted today on Star was the information (along with a statement) about how J.J[...]

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The Next Star Wars Spinoff Should Be About Young Princess Leia Organa

She's the right age, and her resemblance to a young Carrie Fisher is pretty uncanny.  Same knowing brown eyes, same infectious smile.The only problem would be her height, and even that isn't too far off Carrie stood a mere 5'1, and Millie measures in at 5'3 So, not too bad.There is a Princess-centric novel out there[...]

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[Grammys] Our Dearly Departed Carrie Fisher Won a 2018 Grammy

Several (we mean literally dozens) of the awards are given out in a separate ceremony that is not televised in the primetime slot, and that happened just a little bit ago. one of the most interesting turns of the awards this year (although who knows, the prime time awards could still be a wash of[...]

It's Been A Year Since We Lost Carrie Fisher, And It Still Hurts

A year ago today, the galaxy was stunned by the news that Carrie Fisher had suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles.   The updates were few and far between as to her status, most notbaly her brother Todd Fisher updating everyone via various news sources that she was for a time in[...]

General Leia Hot Toys 3

General Leia Organa from The Last Jedi Makes for One Great Hot Toy

As portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, this release will ship in 2018 As with all Hot Toys releases, General Leia will come with many accessories and screen-accurate clothing.Once again on the run from dark forces determined to crush freedom in the galaxy, the strong and committed Leia Organa who fans have grown to love[...]

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[SPOILERS] The Last Jedi: Space Jewelry, Cameos, and Easter Eggs

This maybe can be attributed to the lack of resources for the Rebels, or maybe that Leia herself didn't see value in the trappings of vanity, unless it was for a public purpose (a-la the medal ceremony).According to Rian Johnson, the concept of so many of the characters in TLJ having 'space jewelry' came from[...]

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[SPOILERS] Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Our Beloved Princess-General

Being aware of the absence in real life of Carrie Fisher makes so much of TLJ hurt more Yes, there will be spoilers here, so if you haven't seen Episode VIII, you should do that before you read and watch my video where I talk about the feels.I Was Not Prepared.Writer/director Rian Johnson did an admirable job bridging[...]

Tom Hanks Cult Film The 'Burbs Gets an Ultimate Edition From Scream Factory

Much to the disappointment of his wife (Carrie Fisher), Ray Peterson (Hanks) and his three neighbors set out to investigate the next-door residence after they begin to observe strange happenings Set in an average neighborhood that is anything but ordinary, The 'Burbs blends slapstick comedy and spine-thrilling mystery and is superbly directed by cult filmmaker[...]

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Secret Smark Carrie Fisher Kept Booty-Os Cereal in Her Kitchen

We laughed when, as part of their mourning of Carrie Fisher's 2016 death via the posting of literally dozens of clickbait articles, posted the article "WWE Stars React to the Tragic Death of Carrie Fisher." But it's who has the last laugh, because it turns out that clickbaiting jewel was more accurate than[...]

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If You Miss Carrie Fisher Like We Do, You Should Watch This Video

It's been almost a year since we lost one of the great lights in the galaxy: our Princess General, Carrie Fisher For many, she was a symbol What kind of symbol changes by era and by person, of course Hope, recovery, humor, humanity — she was all those things and more.St Carrie of the self-rescuing Princesses[...]

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Takes Over Entertainment Weekly's December Issue

Both learned everything they know from the princess-turned-general.[caption id="attachment_747282" align="aligncenter" width="482"] Obviously everyone recognizes the Skywalker twins, Mark Hamill returning to the franchise as Luke and our dearly departed space royalty, Carrie Fisher as [Princess] General Leia Organa-Solo [/caption]There were also a handful images from The Last Jedi released for the December EW issue:[caption id="attachment_747286" align="aligncenter"[...]

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Rian Johnson Confirms The Last Jedi Runtime: 2 Hours And 30 Minutes

He would not confirm any other people who have been rumored to make an appearance in the film; however, cameos from Prince William and Prince Henry have now been confirmed by actor John Boyega.He also says that there will be "moving" tributes to the late Carrie Fisher through scenes of the film I would imagine[...]

Fraidy Cat Mark Hamill Was Scared Of Star Wars Return

But in real life, it turns out, Hamill is a big ol' scaredy cat.In an interview with the New York Times, Hamill admitted that he was downright terrified about reprising his classic role in a new trilogy of Star Wars movies beginning with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though co-star Carrie Fisher had no fears."I[...]

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"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Trailer Hits

So, without more pointless non trailer related prattle, here you go: worldwide on Friday December 15th 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be another turning point the in saga, marking the last appearance of our self-rescuing Princess General Leia, the late great Carrie Fisher.Check out the Star Wars website for details on ticket giveaways and[...]

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Lucasfilm Reveals Two New Vehicles Featured In 'The Last Jedi'

It is following up one of the most successful films of all time, The Force Awakens. It will be the final time we see Carrie Fisher on screen, as we all collectively say goodbye to our beloved General Leia Luke Skywalker will be on screen for more than 30 seconds and will actually be talking, something[...]

D23 Roundup: 11 Highlights You Should Know About

Of course, there was talk about the sudden loss of our Princess General Carrie Fisher.[gallery columns="5" ids="682996,682997,682999,683001,683002"]5.) Casting announced for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Aladdin from director Guy Ritchie This has been a much-awaited thing, as fears mounted regarding proper ethnic casting for these middle eastern inspired characters In the title role of our favorite streetrat: Mena Massoud, born in[...]