Rian Johnson Confirms The Last Jedi Runtime: 2 Hours And 30 Minutes

Rian Johnson is in France doing press for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While there, he went ahead and confirmed that the runtime of the film is 2 hours and 30 minutes, including credits. That will make this the longest Star Wars film to date. IGN France tweeted out the details:

Yes, that tweet is in French.

Some of the other highlights (and again, these are translated from French):

"Disney gave us a real freedom of writing. It was something very organic. For me, it was like when I realized my old movies."

On Mark Hamill and his input on the script:

"Mark Hamill was offered many ideas for the script, but I have to tell him that he had to keep it canon […]» I wanted to understand above all that had become Luke Skywalker that he attaches and better identifies with the character."

rian johnson

He also said his greatest memory was watching the scoring sessions by John Williams; that the first script and the final script had very little changes between them (only small details); and that Rogue One director Gareth Edwards makes a cameo. He would not confirm any other people who have been rumored to make an appearance in the film; however, cameos from Prince William and Prince Henry have now been confirmed by actor John Boyega.

He also says that there will be "moving" tributes to the late Carrie Fisher through scenes of the film. I would imagine there may be a dedication during the credits, as well.

Johnson was recently announced as the creator of a whole new trilogy of Star Wars films separate from the Skywalker saga. He will direct the first film and then shepherd the other two along. We don't know what those stories will look like yet — but from the look of The Last Jedi, I feel comfortable in saying that Star Wars is in good hands with Johnson.

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