WWE Raw: Finn Balor And The Hardy Boyz Team Up, But Do They Kick Butt?

The Hardy Boys are two of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster. They are dynamic, take no shit, and can deliver one helluva ass beating. Finn Balor is also one helluva performer, and delivers an ass kicking all his own. The three of them could potentially make one unstoppable team. So for tonight's Monday Night Raw six man tag team event, we saw Finn Balor and The Hardy Boyz team up against current WWE tag team title holders Cesaro and Sheamus, and annoying guitar guy Elias Samson (whom Finn has beef with already). Cesaro and Sheamus are great wrestlers on their own, and Samson is a great heel, so this was heating up to be one amazing matchup.

And it was! The Hardy Boys (and Balor) have a tendency to throw caution to the wind, and they absolutely did. Thankfully the WWE Twitter provides us with video from the matches as they happen, and watching the Hardy Boys do this move was nothing less than poetic.


Finn Balor And The Hardy Boyz Team Up


Not to be outdone, the bad guys acted well, bad. There were the makings of some of the ring buckles being undone, but nothing came of it.

Of course Finn followed it up with a high flying move..

And in the end, Balor and the Hardy Boys won, but no titles changed hands. Still, watching Finn Balor and the Hardy Boyz team up was amazing. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful friendship?

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