Finn Balor Defeats Cesaro Via Pinfall In Monday Night Raw Match

Last night, fan-favorite Finn Balor defeated Cesaro via pinfall in an intense Monday Night Raw match.

It's safe to say Cesaro wasn't pleased with the results of last week's match. When Cesaro asked Kurt Angle for a rematch with Balor, Angle was more than happy to oblige. Of course, things got interesting when The Hardy Boys came out to join in ring side commentary, cementing their support and friendship with Balor.

Balor chose a side headlock to start the match; Cesaro attempted to break free, only to be at the receiving end of a kick. Cesaro took the upper hand, though, throwing Balor on top of his knee. He continued wailing down on Balor against the turnbuckles.

Balor and Cesaro switched dominate roles through the night, and it's clear the two are a match for each other. The Hardy Boys offered some good insight on working with Balor, and how they were preparing for Great Balls of Fire. I can't say I really learned anything new, other than working with Balor is apparently a pleasure.

Cesaro and Balor wailed on each other for some time. There were some extremely close calls, as both managed to pin the other a number of times. Of course Elias Sampson came out and tried to ruin everything, as Balor was close to finishing the match. When Sampson inevitably interfered, the Hardy Boys step in to defend their friend, and an all-out brawl ensued. It ended when Balor landed on all of them after shooting himself out of the ring. Balor got the upper hand, gaining another win over Cesaro.

The WWE is doing a great job of pushing Finn Balor vs every heel in the WWE, making him an absolutely heartbreaker. I just hope he doesn't turn, too.

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