Cesaro Shares His Disappointment In Not Being In WWE Royal Rumble

While WWE fans are frequently left pulling their collective hair out in their frustration over how the company often ignores some of their most talented wrestlers, perhaps no WWE wrestler has been focused on more in this regard over the past decade than Cesaro.  Regarded by everyone as one of the best and most consistent wrestlers in the world, it seems WWE is never quite willing to give him the spotlight and let him run.  This became clear again this past Saturday night at the WWE's annual Royal Rumble event when Cesaro was perplexingly left out of the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, which felt lacking in interesting or fan-favorite stars like him, while they made sure to include cameoing celebrity entrants such as Jackass Forever's Johnny Knoxville and rapper Bad Bunny.  Now in a new interview, Cesaro speaks out that he shares fans' disappointment in his omission from the match and more.

Cesaro Shares His Disappointment In Not Being In The Royal Rumble
Cesaro on the 1/28/2022 episode of SmackDown, courtesy of WWE.

In a new interview today with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Cesaro is asked about his surprising omission from the Royal Rumble this past weekend and if he was disappointed? "Yes, I was.  A lot of people would have liked to see me in the Rumble, and a lot of people would have liked to see me win. That would have put me on the next path of my journey. I saw Big E say in an interview he'd like to see me win, and that was very nice. I appreciate the support of my colleagues, but unfortunately, that did not happen."

Even with seven reigns as WWE Tag Team Champion and holding the United States Championship, many feel Cesaro hasn't been given enough of a push throughout his WWE career, despite having all of the keys WWE often claims they're looking for in a top star.  WWE Hall of Famer "Stone ColdSteve Austin stressed this in his WWE Network interview with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon 2014 when Austin said that he saw all the traits of a star in Cesaro, but wondered why company management wouldn't push him?  McMahon answered that he didn't think Cesaro had "it", which led Austin (himself someone that narrow-minded management didn't see as a star until they just let him do what he wanted) to reply that he felt creative dropped the ball with Cesaro with poor booking.

No matter what management thinks, fans across wrestling have the utmost respect for the 22-year veteran Cesaro.  In the brief times where he's been given the spotlight, he has shined and everyone except McMahon and WWE management has noticed.  Hopefully, sometime before it's too late, they'll see the "Swiss Superman" as the rest of the world does and let him have his moment at the top of the mountain.

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