Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson Chats Deep Space Nine Leeta What We Left Behind Documentary

Chase Masterson Chats 'Deep Space Nine', Leeta, 'What We Left Behind' Documentary

Another bit of author's personal backstory before jumping into my chat with Chase Masterson, who played Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine-I produce and attend several conventions during the year I meet a lot of people both in front of and behind the scenes for series, films, and various enterprises (ha!) There have been[...]

Be A Voice For Change Stand Up Against Bullying At Gallifrey One

Be A Voice For Change, Stand Up Against Bullying At Gallifrey One

Written by Alicia StoneThe panel was moderated by Chase Masterson, the Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, which utilizes stories from television, film and comics to stand up against bullying On the panel, Javi Grillo-Marxuach, who discussed the struggles within the entertainment industry, especially for women writers, who reported on his podcast, The Children[...]

Wondercon 15 &#8211 The Most Dangerous Women Here

Wondercon '15 – The Most Dangerous Women Here

Fittingly, the all-female panel featured Devin Grayson (Catwoman, Black Widow), Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5), Dr Janina Scarlet (Superhero Therapy), and others who spoke out for the female cause.Panel members were initially asked to name their favorite villainesses, and some responses included Harley Quinn, Emma Frost, Ursula the Sea[...]

Social Justice Cosplay Brief Encounters And Gaming At C2E2 &#8211 Plus Photogallery

Social Justice, Cosplay, Brief Encounters And Gaming At C2E2 – Plus Photogallery

By Peter GWhat's poppin', people?  It's Peter G, your favorite Polish manga-ka, and field marshal for the Chicago division of the Bleeding Cool Stud Squad.  I have returned from another run through the trenches of C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois.  Wondering what you might have missed?  Read on, true believer....HEY HEY WHAT CAN I DO –[...]