Be A Voice For Change, Stand Up Against Bullying At Gallifrey One

Written by Alicia Stone

The panel was moderated by Chase Masterson, the Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, which utilizes stories from television, film and comics to stand up against bullying. On the panel, Javi Grillo-Marxuach, who discussed the struggles within the entertainment industry, especially for women writers, who reported on his podcast, The Children of Tendu, he says he, "warns against becoming an asshole…to move towards having a more just industry." Jo Garfein, Co-Founder of Cancer Gets Lost, spoke of the importance of, "channeling fans towards the greater good, illuminating the power of good, giving pause, perspective and positivity; #choosekindness." Angelo Alcid, a San Francisco Attorney discussed the recent Muslim Ban stating the great importance of, "remembering to think of effects of actions on a human level rather than the broader scope." Kay Reindl, writer and producer, stated, "This country often lacks empathy for what they've never experienced." Understandably, it can be difficult to speak up, but she added, "come together for a cause and it doesn't feel so lonely."

Television and films have ability to impact bullying, they have the ability to bring empathy to a community, but that doesn't mean individuals can't have an impact. Anyone can choose to be an ally, sometimes the most important time to do so is when it's most difficult. Be a model, show others what is and how to be good. As Mr. Alcid reminded us, "High ground gives you more power, if you remember Epidsode III of Star Wars." Mr. Grillo-Marxuach stated, "The higher up in hierarchy, the greater the responsibility…exercise responsibility to not be a bully."

At the conclusion of the panel, Ms. Masterson announced she will be moderating an upcoming panel with Carmen Perez, Women's March on Washington Co-Chair, and Martin Gero, Creator of Blindspot, for the United Nations Association of the USA.

Alicia Stone is new to writing for Bleeding Cool, but has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years so she should fit right in.

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