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Last Call: Director Paolo Pilladi Talks Cast, Film’s Timeless Message
The film largely works because it doesn't feel like most of the stars are even acting, particularly the ones with more comedic backgrounds like Piven, McGowan, Kennedy, and Cheri Oteri. Courtesy of IFC Films Any one of the actors could easily be over-the-top, but it works with the script and improvisation It's not a type of comedy[...]
Trailer Debuts For Last Call Starring Jeremy Piven, Out March 19th
Last Call is a new dramedy starring Jeremy Piven, Bruce Dern, Taryn Manning, Jamie Kennedy, Cathy Moriarty, and Cheri Oteri about a guy going back to his old neighborhood in Philly and having to decide between selling a bunch of the land to build a casino or replanting his roots after reconnecting with family and[...]