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Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

Kevin McCallister Returns: Macaulay Culkin's 'Home Alone' for Google

The Chris Columbus-directed feature from 1990 was a charming and timely family comedy, complete with mousetraps and an incredible John Williams score.It also is still near and dear to star Culkin's heart, as made apparent by this commercial made for the Google Home Assistant."It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff," Culkin said[...]

'Mrs. Doubfire' Released 25 Years Ago, and We STILL Love it

Played by Lisa Jakub, Matthew Laurence, and Mara Wilson, the three kids (Lydia, Chris, and Natalie) revealed their first experiences with Williams in complete Euphegenia makeup.“I remember being introduced to [director] Chris Columbus’ mother and thinking I had to really make small talk and be charming because this was my boss’ mom," Jakub, who was 14 when she[...]

five nights at freddy's chris columbus

Five Nights at Freddy's: Harry Potter's Chris Columbus to Write/Direct Film

[caption id="attachment_791515" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Credit: DFree /[/caption]Harry Potter director Chris Columbus is set to trade in horcruxes and dementors for pizza boxes and homicidal animatronic animals, signing on to write, direct and produce Blumhouse’s big-screen adaptation of Scott Cawthon’s popular video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s.Blumhouse landed the rights in March 2017 after New[...]

New Gremlins Film Will Not Be A Reboot

"It will not be a remake in any way, shape, or form. Chris Columbus has come out and said that the first film is very near and dear to his heart and as long as he is alive it will never be remade."Instead, the film will be set thirty-some years after the original "All of the[...]

Pixels Featurette Focuses On Lady Lisa

now as the city is being invaded by video games of his youth, the love of his life appears...Gad, Benson and Chris Columbus talk about Lady Lisa in this new featurette for the film.Pixels invades theaters July 24th.[youtube][/youtube] You ever find yourself oddly drawn to a female character in a video game? In the upcoming[...]

Pixels Trailer Crosses Retro Games With An Alien Disaster Movie

The movie, directed by Chris Columbus, stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad.The trailer certainly seems very Sandler-y and that is a pretty big negative to me There is some real talent on board here though, who are capable of making a good movie The idea of aliens misinterpreting video games[...]

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel In The Works

Robin Williams is attached to reprise his role, and Chris Columbus is attached to return to the director's chair.The trade further details that a sequel has been in the works since 2001 - and for good reason, as the original film raked in nearly $500 million worldwide - but there's no indication of why interest[...]

Warner Bros. Planning Gremlins Reboot. Again

don't think they'd be currying fan boy favour by getting Chris Columbus involved... Though it's been rumoured numerous times before, the rather dependable Vulture are again reporting that Warner Bros have been speaking to Amblin about maybe getting a Gremlins reboot off the ground.And I expect that this would be a project we can legitimately[...]

New Harry Potter Film Isn't Quite What It Seems… Troll Fans Rejoice?

Check out this trailer for Troll and tell me how Rowling-y it looks to you:[youtube][/youtube]Chris Columbus-y maybe, but Rowling-y? Nope.A remake of Buechler's Troll has been talked about for years It's now being talked about again, and this time it's been given the amazing title of The Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter[...]

Norwegian Monster Movie Trollhunter To Be Remade By Chris Columbus

Hannah Shaw Williams writes for Bleeding Cool: Hey kids, do you like controversial topics? Well here's one back to kick off some healthy debate: American remakes of foreign films, specifically remakes of films that have only just been made.We saw it happen with [Rec], we saw it happen with Let The Right One In, and now[...]