Archer Releases Season 11 Trailer; SDCC Panel On What Fans Can Expect

FXX's Archer is a raunchy delightful show, and that extends to the cast. They started off chatting about drinks made with "handcrafted, barrel-aged bad decisions" and it's great. "We're not gonna curse, but we're still going to make mistakes!" That's what we're all here for, Aisha. And yes, not showering does count as a hobby, at least in our book. But let's back up, though. Voice actors Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates, join executive producer Casey Willis to talk about past cons, future episodes, alcohol, and of course, favorite moments of Archer. But where is H. Jon Benjamin? "He's making sandwiches". (of course, he's on the Bob's Burgers panel. Or filming Naked and Afraid. I mean, same difference, right?)

A look at Archer season 5 (Image: FX Networks)
A look at Archer season 5 (Image: FX Networks)

They were under some pretty strict gag orders, but they were able to let slip that Simon Pegg is guest starring and Jamie Lee Curtis is a very special recurring guest star. How did the sensational scream queen come to be on Archer? Greer was actually in the Halloween reboot with her and it turns out Curtis and her son are big fans of the show. The panel is a lot of fun, but sadly it didn't deliver much in the way of season 11 spoilers or tidbits. Though they did take pity on us and release a trailer for season eleven outside of the panel, and it is life!

Archer is awake from his coma and life is resuming to normal. Well, at least whatever brand of normal Archer and his crew have come to know. It's officially back on FX Wednesday, September 16. That's super soon and I can't wait! Do you think we'll get more zany Cheryl antics, like space queen or outlaw country singer? Whatever we get, it's sure to be dangerously close to the… DANGER ZONE!

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