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Hang Dai's Christa Cassano On Ghetto Klown, Artists Against Police Brutality, and Schmuck
By Nikolai Fomich Among Brooklyn's best up-and-coming talents, Christa Cassano is a versatile and thoughtful cartoonist, who is using her art as a means to translate candid life experience into four-color comics and speak out against the kind of injustice superheroes don't always tackle Along with her contribution to Seth Kushner's Schmuck, Christa has recently collaborated[...]
A Nightworld Descended On New York On Wednesday
As we warned you, readers, there was a massive signing for the Image series Nightworld Vol 1: Midnight Sonata, written by Adam McGovern, illustrated by Paolo Leandri and designed by Steve Price on Wednesday night in New York.  Within the trade collection were also a contingent of illuminating pin-ups by some super-talented local comic artists[...]
Hanging At Hang Dai Studios With Joe Infurnari, Dean Haspiel, And Seth Kushner
Infurnari was drawing Issue #9 of The Bunker, Dean Haspiel was putting the finishing touches on a pin-up for The Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 3, and Vito Delsante of the recently Action Lab addition Stray (previously a successful Kickstarter) was tapping away. [Christa Cassano and Gregory Benton] Later they were joined by Christa Cassano (contributor to[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
The event will also consist of a signing by fellow Hang Dai Studios members and fellow comics creators. They say: Our great friends over at Hang Dai Studios will be joining us for a fantastic signing event with Dean Haspiel (The Fox, American Splendor), Christa Cassano (The Giant Effect) and Josh Neufeld (The Vagabonds) They will be[...]
Delete Blood Cancer At JHU Comics Benefit For Seth Kushner + Signing
They're teaming up with the non-profit Delete Blood Cancer to handle the registration process at the signing. Hang Dai Studio members attending include Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel of The Fox, and currently appearing in The Fantastic Four #5, Gregory Benton of the MoCCA Fest Award winning B+F from Adhouse Press, Christa Cassano of The Giant[...]
Asbury Park Comic Con's Carousel Comics Performance Gets Totally NSFW
He was aided in this steamy performance by cartoonists Christa Cassano and Danny Hellman. With classic Billy dialogue during the lovers spat like "I'm about to get inconsiderate", the comic explores frustrated love making breaking out all over town.  There was plenty of nudity, and of course, make up sex.  "These are autobiographical stories", Haspiel quipped[...]
Hang Dai Studios Announces MoCCA Fest Anthology Debut – Plus Preview
It's a good sign for MoCCA Fest as a whole when such strong indie works choose the show as their debut focus. Hang Dai Studios have kindly provided Bleeding Cool with an advanced look at the comics included in the anthology, along with a one panel preview for each: Lonesome Bravato, by  Christa Cassano Schmuck: Raising the Bar,[...]