Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake [OPINION]

Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake

Make the next film the first two books: “The Gunslinger” and “The Drawing of the Three.” The series needs proper build-up and not start where the works leave off. Christine/Maximum Overdrive Christine and Maximum Overdrive share the theme of vehicles/inanimate objects coming to life due to supernatural forces[...]

John Carpenter: Anthology Needs To Be In Your Album Collection Right Now

We end on Christine, one of my personal favorites It takes everything we have heard on the previous tracks and combines them into one mean-ass driving song Carpenter even directed a new video for the song. Anthology is an album that John Carpenter fans and film fans alike should be proud to place onto their shelves[...]

John Carpenter Has Directed A New Music Video, For The Theme From Christine

Behold a new music video for his theme from the film Christine: Rita Volk, the video is pretty cool! The theme sounds amazing, remastered and all It has been quite a long time since I watched the film, but I slipped right back into it watching that car drive through the city.Carpenter is also taking the[...]

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Castle Of Horror: John Carpenter And Stephen King Team Up For 'Christine'

This week we kick off our latest Stephen King retrospective with an ode to youth in America and car culture: John Carpenter’s 1983 film based on King’s novel Christine.Listen here: on YouTube: out the trailer: of Horror Podcast Links: Join us over on Facebook to chime in. The show is hosted here[...]

John Carpenter Is Putting Out His Greatest Hits, And A Tour To Boot!

“Christine” “Anthology is a near-comprehensive survey of John Carpenter’s greatest themes, from his very first movie, the no-budget sci-fi film Dark Star, to 1998’s supernatural Western, Vampires Those sit alongside the driving, Led Zeppelin-influenced Assault on Precinct 13 theme, Halloween’s iconic 5/4 piano riff, and the eerie synth work of The Fog John Carpenter and his[...]