Christine Is " A Long Ways Off" According To Jason Blum

Christine will be back on the road soon, but how soon is up in the air. Sony and Blumhouse will produce a remake of Stephen King's possessed car novel written and directed by Bryan FullerJason Blum is producing for Blumhouse, and Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban are also producing. The original 1983 film version is a classic and was directed by John CarpenterChristine is about "a shy teen who comes out of his shell after he buys a '58 Plymouth Fury to fix up. The car has a mind of its own, as well as a murderous past, and begins to change the young man and everyone around him in a most dangerous fashion." During a chat with Cinemablend, Blum had this to say about where Christine is at production-wise.

Christine Remake Coming From Sony/Blumhouse W/ Bryan Fuller Directing
Christine. Credit Simon & Schuster

Take Your Time Everyone, Christine Can Wait

"Yeah. [John Carpenter's Christine] is quite different than the book, and that's in a much earlier stage, so we don't have a script or anything for that. We're still talking about ideas. So there's not really much to say about that. We're a long way from shooting, and hopefully, we'll get there, but we've got a long way to go on that one."

I think we sometimes forget that making a film can take a really long time. In this era of news coming so much earlier, we forget that sometimes this stuff gets announced, and it never gets past the writing stage. A few years ago, we would never even know this was happening until it was ready to go in front of cameras. I am excited by the creative minds behind this version of Christine, and hopefully, they can break the story fast and get it in front of us. We will have more as we learn it for sure.

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