A Comic Show – Archie Vs. Predator Vs. Convergence!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, I'm back with New Comics Now! Archie vs Predator won the week, but there's plenty of Image and Convergence.

Archie vs Predator was super fun, and highly recommended to anyone with a since of humor. Chrononauts #2 finally did what I've wanted time travel stuff to do (Jesus stuff). Spread Volume 1 is here, it's like Lone Wolf & Cub vs and all-consuming ecosystem, raiders, monsters, cannibals, and religious fanatics. The Tithe is like what if Joel Olsteen's mega church got robbed (oh wait…it did). Sabrina #2 is finally here, and it's brilliantly horrific. Lemire's Bloodshot is the character's best issue ever, and I'm recommending it even if you've never read a Valiant book before.

DC's Convergence #2 is worth the price of admission just for the father and son Batmen reunion. My favorite stand outs this week are Parallax (with Kyle), JLI (Ted Kord), and Suicide Squad.

Marvel's Thor #6 gives us plenty more hints as to female Thor's identity, and a page with tons of heroines to mark off the list of possibilities. And I got another Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to read to my daughter!

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