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"Treadstone": USA Network's Jason Bourne Spinoff Series "Awakens" [PREVIEW]
The first season follows new sleeper agents across the globe as they're mysteriously "awakened" to resume deadly missions as part of the mysterious and deadly "Cicada" program – as you're about to see in the following official trailer (courtesy of exclusive coverage from EW) as well as the network's first-look images: can't be loaded because[...]
'The Flash' Preview: "Cause and XS" Leads to Time Travel Misadventures [VIDEO, IMAGES]
In this week's episode "Cause and XS," it looks like Nora is going to keep Groundhog Day-ing back to stop something terrible from happening – which appears to be Cicada murdering Iris. Here's a look at the official trailer and synopsis: The Flash s05e14 "Cause and XS": IRIS'S LIFE IS THREATENED – After Iris (Candice Patton) lands[...]
'The Flash' Review: "Goldfaced" Honors Our Heroes' Humanity [SPOILERS]
Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) does some undercover sleuthing of her own, coming face to face with Cicada (Chris Klein) And on a lighter note, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) explores Sherloque's (Tom Cavanaugh) love life – featuring a guest turn from Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The Flash — "Goldfaced" — Image Number: FLA513a_0269b.jpg — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen[...]
'The Flash' Review: "Memorabilia" Reveals Secrets, Perceptions, and Lies [SPOILERS]
Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Barry (Grant Gustin), and Iris (Candice Patton) all end up journeying in to Grace's comatose mind to try to help her recover, hoping that will help turn her uncle Orlin aka Cicada away from his dark path Oh, and Cisco and Ralph head to a bar and wackiness ensues. can't be[...]
The Flash Season Five Recap: Getting Up-to-Speed (BC Rewind)
If he is gone from Nora and Iris's life in the future, it's because that was the only way he could possibly save them. The "Big Bad" — Or Is He? This season's primary villain seems to be Cicada When The Thinker's satellite was destroyed, Orlin Dwyer was struck by a piece of shrapnel, injuring his lung[...]
The Flash | The Death Of Vibe Trailer | The CW
Cicada looks to be terrorizing Team Flash all over the place, and I have really dub his vibe through the first couple of episodes this season Please keep him interesting, Flash writing team! Also: who do you think he is? I want some theories people On top of all that, we have our new version[...]
The Flash 5.1 Still 2
Let's get him on here! -The Flash ring! Collest moment of the entire episode. -Cicada made his grand entrance at the ends, and seemingly took out Gridlock The costume looks…interesting We shall see I guess. -Techno-babble meter for this week: 5/10 Not too bad, but there was a lot going on in this episode. He is the preview for[...]