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Civilization VI Releases New Rulers Of The Sahara Content Pack
2K Games has released a brand new content pack for the Civilization VI: Leader Pass as you can start playing Rulers Of The Sahara today Like previous packs, you're getting three specific rules, each with their own additional abilities to help your society This particular pack comes with Ramses (Egypt), Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt), and King[...]
Civilization VI: Leader Pass Releases The Great Commanders Pack
2K Games has a brand new addition to the Civilization VI: Leader Pass as you can get your hands on the Great Commanders Pack The new content brings in three new leaders to the mix, as you will have your choice of Tokugawa from Japan, Nader Shah from Persia, and Suleiman the Magnificent of the[...]
Civilization VI Frontier Pass
Last week, Civilization VI added a new DLC pack, the first part of the New Frontier Pass that will supply Civ 6 players with new content through March 2021 Along with the release came a surprise: the base game of Civilization VI was released for free on the Epic Games Store Naturally, that gained a[...]
Civilization VI Frontier Pass
The new DLC pack for Sid Meier's Civilization VI dropped today, and it came with a surprise not mentioned in the patch notes or promotional materials Users who logged into Civ 6 today after installing the DLC pack or updating to the latest patch found themselves greeted with a new multiplayer mode called "Internet (Unified PC[...]
Civilization VI Frontier Pass
Firaxis Games announced today that they would be giving Civilization VI a brand new Frontier Pass with tons of content on the way The announcement was made by the devs in the video you see below, detailing how the pack would work out as you'll be getting content until March 2021 We have the complete[...]
"Civilization VI" Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode No One Asked For
2K Games released a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Civilization VI, showing off the new expansion bundle The game was released onto the console last week, giving Nintendo owners a chance to play it on their system But this expansion will give the players every world leader currently in the game, a[...]
"Civilization VI" Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode No One Asked For
After appearing on PC, Nintendo Switch and iPad, Civilization VI advances to the only territories it has left to conquer: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Credit: 2K Games It was announced today that the acclaimed simulation game, Civilization VI would be launching on PS4 and Xbox One this November Although the port is showing up late, as[...]
"Civilization VI" Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode No One Asked For
2K Games has announced a new mode coming to Civilization VI that nobody really needed as they will be adding a battle royale mode The company made the announcement in a trailer you can watch below, in which the new mode will be called Red Death The mode will come in the September 2019 update[...]
A First Look at Wilfrid Laurier and Canada Coming to Civilization VI
As part of the Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization VI, it was announced we would be getting Canada as part of the mix This week, the developers revealed the primary character figure you will be getting for the new group with Wilfrid Laurier, the seventh Prime Minister of Canada who is considered one of the best[...]
Civilization VI
2K and Firaxis Games' Civilization VI is getting a major expansion soon that will add a new Maori civilization Gathering Storm's Maori population will be led by the mythological figure Kupe, a Polynesian navigator from Hawaiki According to myth, Kupe was responsible for the discovery of New Zealand in the 10th century. Civ VI's Maori civilization will[...]
Civilization VI
2K and Firaxis have been updating Civilization VI since its release, with the game's first expansion hitting last month But now that Rise and Fall has had some time to sit at the top of Civ VI's update list, its time for some new changes to head to the game Firaxis released their March 2018 Developer Update video[...]
Civilization VI
Over the past few weeks, 2K Games and Firaxis Games have been releasing video after video showing you all the new people and empires that will eventually be added to Civilization VI when the new expansion, "Rise and Fall", is released on February 8th Now, to all players who have been outright confused as to how everything[...]
Georgia Gets Added as the Latest Empire in Civilization VI
Those of you looking forward to the "Rise and Fall" addition to Civilization VI are going to have several new options to choose from as the empire to lead the way Firaxis and 2K Games got together to add a slew of new options, and the latest empire to be added to the mix is Georgia,[...]
You can check out all of the new abilities in this announcement video below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Cree ( Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is out February 8. Civilization 6: Rise and Fall has announced a new civilization and leader in the form of the[...]
Civilization VI Brings India & Chandragupta Maurya To Next Update
The "Rise and Fall" expansion of Civilization VI won't be added tot he game until February, but Firaxis and 2K Games are slowly rolling out details of what's to come The latest addition they've decided to show off is India, which will feature Chandragupta Maurya as the leader You can check out the video below to learn move[...]
Civilization VI Comes to iPad This Week with Launch Trailer
Take-Two Interactive is taking Civilization VI to a new unexplored territory: iPad This week the company made the game available for download in the Apple store, bringing a somewhat simpler version of the game to the mobile device Check out the launch trailer below to get a look at how the game will play out.  [...]
Civilization VI Shows Off The Next Expansion With Mongolia
2K Games and Firaxis Games have just released a new trailer showing off Mongolia's addition to Civilization VI, with Genghis Khan as the leader Their inclusion is part of the next expansion for the game called "Rise and Fall", and if its like previous expansions, there will be more empires to follow The Mongolians come with the[...]
Civilization VI
As dictated in their fall preview, Civilization VI was going to make a few adjustments to the way religion happens in the game We have the full details from the developers below, but essentially, the idea is to make religion less of a burden and more of an enjoyable mechanic There's even a chance to[...]
Indonesia Coming To 'Sid Meier's Civilization VI' As DLC
You're going to be getting a brand new DLC expansion to Civilization VI as 2K Games has announced Indonesia will be added to the game as a country to do business with, led by Dyah Gitarja That's a pretty cool addition that we're surprised hadn't been added before, but now that it's being thrown into the[...]
Today's Sales Roundup: Civilization VI, Anima, THQ Nordic, And Xbox Live Gold
While just about every other version of Sid Meier's Civilization has been a PC sale staple, the price for Civilization VI hasn't moved much since launch. Kotaku's sister site, Kinja Deals has unearthed sales on the game Amazon is offering it for $39.99, while Green Man Gaming has it for $39.57. Granted, the game has been criticized for being broken and[...]
'Civilization VI' To Receive A Major Upgrade This Week
If you've played Civilization Vi lately, then you know the frustration that comes with trying to do business with world leaders and dealing with barbarians You can't go 15 minutes in the game without getting raided and having your progress set back Nor can you talk to a leader and be amicable without them taking[...]
Grand Theft Auto V And Grand Theft Auto Online Gave A Major Boost To Take-Two's Earnings
Their third quarter ended strongly on December 31, 2016 and their fourth quarter predictions for March 31st currently stand at a range from $1.75 to $1.8 billion for net revenue with net income ranging from $108 to $117 million. [wpdatatable id=3] Essentially, things are good for Take-Two Interactive right now, and the company bases their success on[...]