Civilization VI to Add Maori Civilization in Next Expansion

Civilization VI

2K and Firaxis Games' Civilization VI is getting a major expansion soon that will add a new Maori civilization. Gathering Storm's Maori population will be led by the mythological figure Kupe, a Polynesian navigator from Hawaiki. According to myth, Kupe was responsible for the discovery of New Zealand in the 10th century.

Civ VI's Maori civilization will start out at sea and earn Science and Culture points for every turn prior to settling its first city, to keep to Kupe's history. The Maori get a unique Leader Ability, called "Kupe's Voyage", which will reward the Maori a free Builder, extra population in the capital, and some additional Housing and Amenities when they settle. They also gain another unique ability called "Mana", which unlocks Sailing and Shipbuilding at the start of the game.

Other changes with the Maori expansion include a new building and a new melee unit. Marae is a replacement for the traditional amphitheater and provides Culture and Faith points. Meanwhile, the Toa are a unique Maori melee unit that can construct defenses known as Pa. They can also perform a traditional war dance called the Haka, which lowers enemies' combat effectiveness.

Civilization VI's Gathering Storm expansion is the second expansion for the strategy game. It launches on PC on February 14, 2019.

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