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Tillie Walden’s Walking Dead: Clementine OGN Has A 100,000 Print Run
Skybound Entertainment announced their Skybound Comet imprint for young readers almost a year ago and we've been seeing it pop up in a lot of high profile places, from cover wraps on Publishers Weekly to a new trailer to the cover of Diamond Previews. The most anticipated of those books may just be Clementine Book One,[...]
David Finch’s Clementine #1 Variant Headlines Biggest Comics Vault Live of 2022
Shawn "Big Clutch" Kirkham is celebrating in the biggest way possible — SEVEN new drops, the largest number on the stream so far this year – and a history of those becoming quite hot with collectors. The most surprising book that's sure to get interest from fans, especially collectors, is the Free Comic Book Day Clementine[...]
Walking Dead's Clementine & Gargoyles On Next Week's Previews Covers
Diamond Previews cover time! Graphic novelist Tillie Walden carries on the story of Clementine from The Walking Dead video games in Image Comics' Clementine Book One, the first volume of a young adult graphic novel trilogy, and appearing on the cover of next week's Diamond Previews catalogue for June-shipping titles. Walking Dead's Clementine & Gargoyles On Next[...]
First Appearance Of Walking Dead's Clemetine In Tomorrow's Skybound X
Already sold out and gone to second printing, Skybound X #1 is hotting up on eBay, particularly due to the continuance of Rick Grimes 2000 from Walking Dead #75 but also the first comics appearance of Clementine from the Tell Tale Games Walking Dead stories A new story for the Skybound X anthology celebrating ten[...]
Walking Dead Clementine Launches Skybound Comet YA Graphic Novel Line
And it will launch in July 2022 with Clementine Book One, beginning a trilogy set in the world of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, from award-winning writer/artist Tillie Walden (Spinning, On A Sunbeam) It will star Clementine from the TellTale Games Walking Dead franchise, who is also making her comic book debut in the upcoming[...]
Preview: Skybound X Covers and Clementine’s Walking Dead Comics Debut
Skybound Xpo last Friday teased Skybound/Image Comics' early look at the first comic book appearance of Clementine (the star of the bestselling video game series Telltale's The Walking Dead) and revealed jaw-dropping cover art from the hotly anticipated Skybound X weekly comic book event. Superstar creators including Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Tillie Walden, Donny Cates, Joshua Williamson, Chip Zdarsky,[...]
Walking Dead Final Chapter Clementine
The game followed the life of Clementine from girl to woman, living her life, staying alive and protecting those around her from zombies – and others around her As the title said, after four chapters, that was her final story It was aimed to return to themes and elements from the first season, and expected[...]
Walking Dead Final Chapter Clementine
Monday afternoon Telltale joined the PC Gaming Show at E3 to give up the details on Clementine's final journey Dubbed The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the game will see Clem find shelter with AJ in a scholl full of kids Thinking they have a place to settle, zombies and adults may have something to say about[...]