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Perry Mason offers a look at the sixth episode (Image: HBO).
HBO's Perry Mason and The Educated Barfly are back for another round of cocktails that meet the Prohibition Era setting of the Matthew Rhys (The Americans)-starring series Except for this time around, there are two huge occasions to recognize with a drink Of course, it's Sunday so that means we have "Chapter Six" to look[...]
The Alienist-themed cocktails, courtesy of Death & Co (Image: TNT)
for three series-inspired cocktails that look to set the mood First up, we have "Sara's Evening Ritual" for the rebel trailblazers out there Following that, we have the "Superior Sleuth" with its "sneak up on you" reputation; and then we wrap it up with "Deeds Not Words" as a way of igniting your own rebellion. The Alienist-themed cocktails,[...]
Perry Mason: Prohibition Cocktails - Bee's Knees & The Scofflaw | HBO
Here's a look at two series' time period-appropriate libations that should definitely get you in the mood (don't worry, we've also screen-capped the info), followed by an overview and preview images for the next episode of the Matthew Rhys (The Americans)-starring series: Perry Mason: Prohibition Cocktails – Bee's Knees & The Scofflaw | HBO Perry Mason season[...]
Clockblockers happily worked night and day on this #TimelessDrunkHistory cocktail menu over the past year – something to help fans take the edge off while campaigning to save their favorite show – with Timeless re-watches (aimed at encouraging the show's renewal) inspiring Clockblockers to concoct thematic cocktails for each episode By the time season 2 rolled around,[...]