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Thank FOC It's Friday
This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items. What's FOCing today? A Quick And Easy Guide To Consent? Thank FOC It's Friday  The collection of Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai's 47 Ronin is resolicited, and up for January 2021. While Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 is back[...]
A Quick & Easy Guide To Consent in Oni Press' September 2020 Solicits
Well, that seems well-timed, doesn't it? A Quick & Easy Guide To Consent by Isabella Rotman is a new graphic self-help guide to consensual relationships, sexual and otherwise And its in a comic form too Also from Oni Press in September, Jonathan Hill's Odessa and Caitlin Rose Boyle's Frankie And The Creepy Cute Critters graphic[...]
Cosplay Is Not Consent – Even After A Drink
The MCM London Comic Con promotes the principle that cosplay is not consent It was being enforced as well, by staff and cosplayers alike. I heard a number of people ask photographers if they had permission to shoot the shots they were taking But people were looking after each other, inside and out of the show, and I[...]
NYCC: Harassment Is A Public Health Issue
"'No, that person's nice, they're not a harasser'" Kendall continued, "[But] sometimes that person who is so nice with you, is not that person with other people." The ubiquitous "Cosplay is not Consent" signage around the con was lauded as impactful, and a strategy that should be emulated by other cons Cons need to make good[...]
Cosplay ≠ Consent (UPDATE)
At the show, while there were no official signs, people placed Cosplay ≠ Consent photocopies on the tops of refuse bins, on booths, on people, with corresponding social media links. So what happened in action? We have Model Adriane Curry on TMZ talking about attacking a creep who assaulted a cosplaying friend of hers at San Diego Comic[...]