Master Chief is Ready for Deployment with New Figure from 1000 Toys

Master Chief is Ready for Deployment with New Figure from 1000 Toys

And for close-range combat, the Master Chief has acquired a Covenant Energy Sword to cut through anything within reach!The exterior armor pieces are made from ABS plastic to allow maximum detail while the diecast inner frame will provide overall improved durability for the collectible.The RE:Edit Master Chief will of course also come with the amazing[...]

"Alien: Covenant" Blu Ray Has Pretty Great Special Features

If you are a fan of special features and documentaries on your blu rays, may we suggest Alien: Covenant for your next purchase?  Sure, while the film didn't do so hot in theaters, the blu ray sort of picks up that slack."What we've tried to do here, is really really scare the shit out of people," Sir[...]

James Cameron Says Alien: Covenant Was Great, I Agree About 33%

He is also friends with Ridley Scott, director of Alien, Prometheus, and this summers Alien: Covenant So, in a recent Facebook live interview, some people will take what he had to say about the latter film on that list with a grain of salt:“I thought that Alien: Covenant was a great ride It was beautiful[...]

Alien: Covenant Blu-Ray Bursts Forth In August, Steelbook At Best Buy

While I enjoyed Alien: Covenant more than most, the general consensus is that it was not a very good film I think most peoples problem with it was that it was marketed as an Alien film and was Prometheus 2 That being said, I liked Prometheus as well so I am probably a little biased[...]

Rob Liefeld Tells The Story Of Eve

Rob Liefeld's The Covenant is scheduled for June from Image Comics, as the Philistines steal the covenant from the Jews to use as a weapon of mass destruction It looks like it's a one shot, and it's going to be followed by Eve And The Garden of Eden.Liefeld writes, I have several Bible themed projects coming[...]

Rob Liefeld Writes The Covenant, From Image Comics In June

But the next published comic by Rob Liefeld will be The Covenant, written by Rob and drawn by Matt Horak And it tackles one of Lieeld's repeated themes, that of Judeo-Christianity, tacking the battles between the Philistines and the Jews, by way of the Ark of the Covenant as a weapon of mass destruction And not just[...]