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Pokémon Sword & Shield To Get The Crown Tundra On October 22nd
The Pokémon Company released new info on two new updates to different games, the first being the Crown Tundra expansion The company released minor details on the new area for Nintendo Switch fans as they are now able to head into a mostly snowy area, just in time for the winter months approaching[...]
Galarian Ponyta and Sirfetch'd Are Now Live in Pokémon GO
As we predicted, Niantic's social media teases featuring distant shots of Galarian Ponyta have culminated in a mini Pokémon GO event as a  tie-in to yesterday's release of the Crown Tundra expansion to Pokémon Sword & Shield At 6 PM Pacific, the spawns on the screen of every Pokémon GO player disappeared in a puff of dust, replaced[...]
Niantic Teases Galarian Ponyta Release in Pokémon GO
Tomorrow, October 22nd, is the release date of the Crown Tundra expansion in Sword & Shield. More Twitter teasing featuring the Pokémon Sword & Shield favorite Credit: Niantic The initial tweet said: "While exploring the world of Pokémon GO, Professor Willow spotted a beautiful, colorful Pokémon that he'd never seen before[...]