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Deathstroke Mask posted on twitter by Joe Manganiello
In the tradition of Vixen and The Ray, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced revealed that the project would debut through the CW Seed service. The announcement comes at a time when the deadly assassin will be making his live-action appearance in streaming service DC Universe's Titans season 2, set to be portrayed by Ozark's Esai Morales[...]
'Deathstroke' Animated Series Coming to CW Seed
In the tradition of Vixen and The Ray, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced revealed that the project would debut through the CW Seed service. The announcement comes at a time when the deadly assassin will be making his live-action appearance in streaming service DC Universe's Titans season 2, set to be portrayed by Ozark's Esai Morales[...]
Constantine NYCC Seed
When asked about the transition from CW Seed shorts to a feature-length film, Matteis said that he originally wrote it as a feature, and then had to find parts that could be cut and places to end episodes on a cliffhanger As to particular Constantine stories that he drew from, Matteis cited the graphic novel[...]
CW Seed constantine
CW Seed, the online platform that goes with The CW, put out a new video today called "DC Streams on CW Seed" This is, of course, the home of Arrowverse animated series run like Vixen, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and Constantine: City of Demons It will be where the second season of Freedom Fighters: The[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
And after the crossover, there was an animated series called Freedom Fighters: The Ray that debuted on CW Seed in six segments that started telling us the story about how Ray Terrill got his powers and ended up on the alternate Earth… but ended abruptly with Ray being hit with a tranquilizer and taken by[...]
City of Demons
TV featured on the CW Seed This series is being produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schecter, and David S Goyer and was written by J M DeMatteis. The first thing to note is that the series is being called City of Demons, a Hellblazer series written by Si Spencer, but the story is a rough adaptation[...]
The new animated Constantine: City of Demons hits the CW Seed today with Matt Ryan once again reprising the role as John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts. The series is an adaptation of the story line All His Engines and involves his friend Chas coming to ask John for Help The story was originally done[...]
I figured that they series would debut on the CW Seed shortly after… turns out, according to, it will be the exact same day. The series, if it follows the two previous series Vixen and Freedom Fights: The Ray, will be released in 5 to 6 minute segments with there being 6 segments total Vixen[...]
WBTV and Blue Ribbon Content are getting close to launching their third animated series on the CW Seed with Constantine Vixen has already had two six-episode seasons which has since been turned into a 90-minute movie and aired on the CW as well as was released to Blu-ray The character also made the jump from[...]
Freedom Fighters
The new CW Seed animated series shows us other characters that started in the Quality Comics line before being bought out by National Periodical Publications (Now DC Comics) The Ray, Phantom Lady, Black Condor and Doll Man were all staples of the publishing company along with titles like Blackhawks, Plastic Man, Alias the Spider and G.I[...]
Freedom Fighters: the Ray – 'Destroy the Cortex, Save the World.'
The CW Seed has released another clip for the Freedom Fighters: The Ray animated series The series works as a prequel to the big Arrowverse crossover event form two weeks back, Crisis on Earth-X Where in the crossover we meet The Ray aka Raymond Terrill (Russell Tovey), an Earth-1 metahuman that works with the resistance[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray Season One To Premiere December 8th
Freedom Fighters: The Ray, the next animated series from Warner Bros Animation and Blue Ribbon Content, will debut the first part on the CW Seed The series will star the voice of Russell Tovey as Ray Terrill, the Earth-1 hero that fights the Reichmen on Earth-X The other question that has been asked is when[...]
Cupid's Match
The CW Seed, Tongal, and Wattpad have joined together to make a new series called Cupid's Match based on the book by Lauren Palphreyman. It appears to be based on the concept that there are cupids in the world matching people together, and they are based on the original from Roman mythology (he was called Eros in[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
The CW has released a new piece of promo art for their upcoming animated CW Seed series Freedom Fighters: The Ray This is the second animated series to be done on the CW's on-line presence The first being two season of Vixen which later lead to a live action appearance for star Megalyn Echikunwoke on[...]
The CW Seed's animated series are an interesting thing They are part of the overall CW Arrowverse and allows the network to explore some characters outside of giving them their own series or trying to wedge them into one of the other four With Vixen, they were able to establish the origin of the character[...]
freedom fighters
Move over, white supremacist march-alonging Supergirl cosplayer! The upcoming CW Seed animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray will feature Supergirl star Melissa Benoist voicing a Nazi Supergirl from Earth X! Freedom Fighters: The Ray takes place in an alternate Earth — Earth X — where the Nazis won World War 2 The show will also feature[...]
cupid's match
CW Seed, the digital studio extension on The CW, is taking aim at a pilot adaptation of the supernatural-romance "viral book" Cupid's Match and they're taking a unique approach to making sure they get it just right. Creative studio Tongal and multi-platform entertainment company Wattpad are developing the pilot for CW Seed, and the companies announced[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
With Vixen's animated run all wrapped up and now available on Blu-ray, the CW Seed has turned their attention to the long awaited Freedom Fighters: The Ray series Based on Earth X where the Nazi's won World War II, the Freedom Fighters are The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado and one member I[...]
Is this the new series Geoff Johns talked about the other day? At the Television Critics Association press tour it was announced that Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine for a new animated series to run on the CW Seed. Ryan originally portrayed the character on the short-lived NBC series Constantine and then again[...]
Vixen Completes Her Heroes Journey As Season Two Concludes
The second season of the animated Vixen series wrapped up on CW Seed and completed Mari McCabe's (Megalyn Echikunwoke) journey from reluctant protector of her city to a full fledged hero that the others can count on The video below has executive producer Marc Guggenheim talking about that journey and bringing in the guy who[...]
Vixen Season 2 Kicks Off On CW Seed
The animated Vixen series has kicked of its second season over on the CW Seed Megalyn Echikunwoke returns as Mari McCabe / Vixen, the barer of one of the Totems of Zambezi that gives her the ability to mimic the powers of any animal The first of seven issues includes the voice talents of Grant[...]
Atom And Firestorm To Guest In Vixen Season 2
The second season of the Vixen animated series on the CW Seed is coming soon and DC All-Access talked with actress Megalyn EK about returning to the role and what it mean to play her in both animation and live-action They don't ask about another Vixen joining the Legends of Tomorrow, but they do let[...]
Vixen Gets Company As Flash And Firestorm Guest In Season 2 First Look
CW Seed has released a first look for the second season of the animated series Vixen starring Megalyn Echikunwoke Like with the first season, the series ties into the CW TV universe and brings in guest stars like The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Firestorm (Victor Garber, Franz Drameh) Here they work together to take on the[...]
The CW Seed Streams Forever
The CW Seed recently started showing all the episodes from the one season of Constantine I really liked the series when it aired Another series that debuted the same year and only got one season was Forever on ABC It starred Ioan Gruffudd, Judd Hirsch and Alana De La Garza and focused on a medical[...]
Constantine On The CW Seed
Now, for fan who have wanted a way to see the series again, the CW has placed all thriteen episodes on the CW Seed where you can watch them for free. They also posted the trailer for the series which is a bit misleading The trailer focuses on the storyline of the pilot which introduces us[...]
Vixen – The Origin Story Is Almost Complete
With the final episode of the first season of Vixen about to air Tuesday on the CW Seed, we have the behind-the-scenes talk about the series with director James Tucker and executive producer Marc Guggenheim The origin story for Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke) is almost complete Also below is the behind the scenes for the[...]