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More Cyber Monday Comic Book Deals
We already ran around thirty stores, creators and publishers offering Cyber Monday deals this morning, but plenty of others have been announced during the day So here are twenty-one more… that's a total of fifty-one if you are good at adding up, which I totally am. Zenescope is offering Cyber Week deals with 50% off its[...]
Two Dozen Comic Book Cyber Monday Deals For Today
Cyber Monday is with us, of course, here are a few dozen comic book creators, publishers and stores doing deals for today and today only Maybe. In the UK, referral site Quidco is offering 20% cashback on all eBay UK purchases today. are doing $2 Marvel and DC graphic novels are doing new graphic novel[...]
Crunchyroll Cyber Monday Sale Live with Deals on Toys, Anime, Manga
Black Friday may be over, but the Crunchyroll Store Cyber Monday Sale is now live with deals & discounts on Anime merch, toys, Blu-ray boxsets, and manga from the series featured on the streaming service – and more Crunchyroll's Store features over 30,000 products, including 17,000 manga From beloved pop culture icons to timeless classics,[...]
Now Bad IDea Are Selling Flash Drives
Now for Cyber Monday? Flash drives from between $50 to $500 And in the process talking about that Mark Waid comic from Bad Idea called They're All Terrible. TODAY ONLY: Cyber Monday Flash Drive Lottery — See Unannounced BAD IDEA Comics, Win Original Art, Own One-Of-A-Kind Masters & More! ORC ISLAND concluded less than a week ago,[...]
Crunchyroll Cyber Monday is Live with Darling in the Franxx Clothing
It's Cyber Monday on Crunchyroll, and sales are on! The sale will run for 24 hours, with all in-stock items available for 15% off, excluding exclusives, pre-orders, and sales Additionally, the store will launch an all-new Exclusive DARLING in the FRANXX clothing line on Cyber Monday, and the 15% discount will apply to these exclusive[...]
Funimation Reveals 2021 Cyber Monday Sales Deals
Funimation has Cyber Monday deals just like everybody else Highlights include figures from the popular anime franchises Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Naruto, and more Additionally, all Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba products will be 20% off! Fans who have Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra subscriptions to Funimation will also gain access to the[...]
Cowboy Bebop OG Japanese Voice Actors Dub Netflix Live Action Series
But with today being "Black Friday" in the United States and "Cyber Monday" just a few days after, we wanted to give you a heads-up about Netflix Shop (located here)- the streamer's official online store with special collections of merchandise themed after some of their most popular shows In this case, Netflix's Cowboy Bebop and[...]
Nintendo Reveals A Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle
As part of Cyber Monday today, Nintendo will be selling a special Fortnite Nintendo Switch bundle for people looking to get one Right off the bat, we're going to tell you that no, this is not a discounted it, it's still going to run you $300 That being said, it includes a uniquely decorated console with[...]
Gamestop Offers Major Games Sales And More During Cyber Week Event
The list goes on, but here are some major highlights of the sales going on during this Cyber Week sales event: Up to 50% off select PS5 and Xbox One titles and up to 80% off Xbox One digital titles Up 20% off select Arcade and retro games Up to 50% off select PlayStation and Xbox accessories Up to[...]
Chopping Mall Marathon Coming To Shout Factory TV On Cyber Monday
While you sit on your couch and shop on Cyber Monday, let Shout Factory TV provide the entertainment The channel will air 24 hours straight of the cult classic film Chopping Mall, the best horror film about robots becoming aware and murdering people in a mall ever made The 80's favorite is a staple for[...]
Deals, Codes, and Codewords For Comics on Cyber Monday
It's Cyber Monday and the comic book industry is up to its usual tricks Here are a bunch of sites and code words still in use until at least midnight tonight in your respective territories… feel free to post more in the comments below. Devil's Due – 20% off with GOBBLE-20 code. Midtown Comics – Up to[...]
Nintendo sent out some stats this morning following Cyber Monday's sales, boasting that the company his some major milestones this past weekend We have some of the finer stats below from the company, but in short, they made over $250 million between Thanksgiving and this past Monday alone, which gave them a 45% growth over[...]
A Cyberman's Guide To Cyber Monday For Comic Books
Delete! Delete! But before you do that, here are a few comic book deals for Cyber Monday… Marvel is letting you sign up to their all-you-can-eat digital comics buffet service for 75 cents for the first month, with 15,000 comics uploaded to read. And 30 percent off a Digital Comics Unlimited subscription. Amazon has a half price Joker[...]
Cyber Monday Comics Deals From Publisher To Publisher… (UPDATE)
But Cyber Monday turns to focus on the website offerings more… Amazon continues their Cyber Monday deals on comics, with this Obsessed With Marvel volume by Peter Sanderson taking pole position, and string deals on Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW and more. Marvel leads with a stack of free Inhumans comics ahead of the Inhumanity event kicking off[...]
Here Comes Cyber Monday – Fill Your Digital Boots!
So who is doing what on Cyber Monday? Skybound is giving Bleeding Cool readers a free copy of The Walking Dead signed by Robert Kirkman with any purchase of $5 or more.  The code is COOLTWD, and it's good for the first 100 people to use it They'll also be offering a 25% discount on[...]