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Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
She's also currently working on a big project–the comics adaptation of her father's journals recounting his life growing up in an "Irish slum" in Oakland, CA, and talking about the changes in the region over time called Frankly East 14th Street. [Joan Reilly] Next up were Sam Henderson of The Magic Whistle and Danny Hellman of Typhon[...]
Asbury Park Comic Con's Carousel Comics Performance Gets Totally NSFW
Lasko Gross's resonant panels were charged with the pared-down truths about art of resistance against societal standards as her characters keep pushing against the walls of a dominant governmental system. Danny Hellman, who has contributed comics to many illustrated magazines, including the Village Voice,  Screw, and his newest anthology Typhon, presented for our consideration several "Novelties[...]
Things To Do In New York, Philadelphia, And Pittsburgh This Week If You Like Comics
Guests include Farel Dalrymple, Craig Yoe, Tom Scioli, Ed Piskor, Gary Groth, Danny Hellman, Trina Robbins, and Jim Rugg. They say: "PIX  is devoted solely to creator-owned, self-published, small-press, and handmade comics, artists books and other visual works Admission is free and the event is open to the public.  The event will give Pittsburghers the opportunity[...]
Screw's Al Goldstein Passes? (NOT)
He published Robert Crumb, Milton Knight, Brad Holland, Danny Hellman, Bob Fingerman, John Holmstrom, Wally Wood, Art Spiegelman, Danny Hellman, Spain Rodriguez, Peter Bagge and many more He didn't have to publish comics to sell the paper, but he wanted to A wide circle of friends, cartoonists report meeting the likes of Bill Gaines, Buck[...]