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Bobcat Goldthwait Unleashes His 'Misfits & Monsters' in truTV Series Trailer
Set to debut on truTV on July 11, the series features guest stars Michael Ian Black, Bridget Everett, Dave Foley, Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart, Danny Pudi, and David Koechner – and from what we can see from the images and trailer below, it's definitely not like anything you'll find on television. Credit: truTV To see if that's[...]
TruTV Sets Dates for Chris Gethard, Talk Show; Announces New Series
Each episode is a standalone story set to subvert the satire of the world we live in while also exploring awkward, flawed characters and telling socially-relevant stories with imaginative twists." Produced by Left/Right with Goldthwait, Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, Olivia Wingate and Michele Armour serving as executive producers; the series stars Michael Ian Black, Bridget[...]
DuckTales Haunted Mansion Crossover
The show is delighting new and old fans alike. And now we are getting something really cool: a Halloween special is coming this year where Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby (Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, and Kate Micucci) will meet up with the ghosts from Haunted Mansion! In the promo, which should be the first of[...]
DuckTales Episode 1
Featuring David Tennant (Scrooge McDuck), Danny Pudi (Huey), Ben Schwartz (Dewey), Bobby Moynihan (Louie), Kate Micucci (Webby Vanderquack), Beck Bennett (Launchpad McQuack), Toks Olagundoye (Mrs Beakley) and Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck), they bring such an joyful sound to the proceedings, with Tennant especially game. Scrooge McDuck is the most important character on the show, and with Tennant's strong Scottish accent, he nails it[...]
D23: David Tennant Introduces 'DuckTales' Family On Stage In Video Message
You know, like every reclusive duck trillionaire does. The voice cast also includes Danny Pudi (Community) as Huey, Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) as Dewey, Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) as Louie, Kate Micucci (Garfunkel and Oates) as Webby Vanderquack, Beck Bennett (Saturday Night Live) as Launchpad McQuack, Toks Olagundoye (Castle) as Mrs Beakley and Tony Anselmo[...]
Powerless: DC Honors Adam West By Releasing Unaired Episode (WATCH NOW)
With the help of office mates Teddy (Danny Pudi – Community), Ron (Ron Funches – Undateable) and Jackie (Christina Kirk – Manhattan), Emily looks to turn Wayne Security into a huge Wayne Enterprises success…even if she has to drag her painfully inept boss Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk – Firefly) the entire way.  NBC pulled the sitcom[...]
DuckTales Episode 1
Beakley's granddaughter, Webby Vanderquack, fellow adventurer and a friendly addition to the Huey-Dewey-Louie dynamic. Disney XD has put together an impressive voice cast for the series, including: David Tennant (Scrooge McDuck), Danny Pudi (Huey), Ben Schwartz (Dewey), Bobby Moynihan (Louie), Kate Micucci (Webby Vanderquack), Beck Bennett (Launchpad McQuack), Toks Olagundoye (Mrs Beakley) and Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck). Recurring[...]
Is NBC's Powerless Canceled?
instead of Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, Ron Funches, and Alan Tudyk Damn, that's gotta hurt — replaced, but not even by something necessarily better. Of course, this doesn't officially mean the show is canceled (though the show wasn't renewed when other NBC shows were), but it doesn't look great, does it? Kind of like Powerless[...]
Powerless' Ron Funches Takes Us On A Tour Of Wayne Securities
Ron plays Ron (clever casting eh?) one of the inventors for the company who works a lot with Teddy (Danny Pudi) on the inventions that make the company money… well, the successful ones at least. Powerless Airs Thursdays on NBC https://youtu.be/GSBUrieUw_AVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Powerless Set Tour With Ron Funches (https://youtu.be/GSBUrieUw_A) [...]
The Final Fate Of Professor Doyle Or, The Making Of The Un'goro Crater
And here we have the final installment of the Wonders of Un'goro webseries starring Danny Pudi (Powerless) as Professor George Herbert Doyle IV The series was created to promote the latest Journey to Un'goro expansion for Heartstone and features a hapless explorer bumbling through the dinosaur ridden area of Azeroth The series has been pretty[...]
Professor Doyle Vs The Giant Pterrordax
Danny Pudi (Powerless) returns once more as the enthusiastic yet bumbling Professor George Herbert Doyle IV in the Wonders of Un'goro webseries for the newest Hearthstone release, Journey to Un'goro Doyle's luck continues badly as he and his cameraman Eddie (Nathan Windrunner) are taking by a Giant Pterrordax (Kevin Thaurissan) and placed in her nest[...]
Things Are Heating Up For Professor Doyle On His Journey To Un'Goro
The Wonders of Un'Goro webseries continues as things are heating up for Professor George Herbert Doyle IV (Danny Pudi) and his camera man Eddie (Nathan Windrunner) as a trip through the Golakka Hot Springs has taken them to the foot of a giant volcano… which as we all know is a perfectly safe place to[...]
Danny Pudi Meets Murlocks As Wonders Of Un'Goro Continues
The Wonders of Un'Goro webseries continues as Professor George Herbert Doyle IV (Danny Pudi) and his camera man Eddie (Nathan Windrunner) are three weeks into their trip to the Un'Goro crater, they're out of supplies and have wandered into a group of Murlocks… you know, the always friendly and helpful Murlocks The webseries goes along[...]
Danny Pudi Stars In Hearthstone's New Webseries – Wonders Of Un'Goro
Powerless star Danny Pudi has a new role, that of Professor George H Doyle in the new Hearthstone webseries, Wonder of Un'Goro The new weekly series from Blizzard goes along with the latest Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un'Goro The video places Doyle and his assistant Eddie on the edge of the Un'Goro Crater, an area[...]