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FromSoftware Announces Game Event Autumn 2018 in Osaka
It looks like you'll be getting a look at Dark Souls Remastered, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Sekiro: Deraciné, and Shadows Die Twice We'll be watching it as well and hopefully, they'll toss in a few added surprises. 12:30 Deraciné stage presentation 13:10 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice stage presentation 14:00 Dark Souls Remastered stage presentation 14:50 Metal Wolf Chaos XD stage presentation 15:30 Armored Core 20th Anniversary Sound Request 16:50 FromSoftware Cult Quiz[...]
Dark Souls Remastered
[rwp-review-ratings id="0"] Dark Souls Remastered is a higher-resolution remake of the original game, geared towards modern consoles and PCs, with 60fps and HD to 4k resolution, depending on your particular system It has a reputation of being a very challenging game. I played it on PC with a keyboard and mouse; though I also fiddled around with[...]
Dark Souls Remastered Releases a New Enhancements Trailer
If you're looking for a little more Dark Souls Remastered action to make you smile and send chills up your spine before you play the game, Bandai Namco has just the thing: a brand-new trailer featuring the enhancements in the game While there's a lot of praise on bringing the game to modern consoles, there's[...]
Dark Souls Remastered Gets a New Launch Trailer from Bandai Namco
As you're getting ready to purchase Dark Souls Remastered today, Bandai Namco would like to remind you of all the awesome times you had with the game (and possibly entice some others to buy it) with an official launch trailer. The trailer is basically a tour de force of old memories all cleaned up in beautiful[...]
Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch Pushed Back
As you may already be aware, Bandai Namco is planning to release Dark Souls Remastered next month across all platforms, giving people the chance to relive the original on modern consoles Well, the company pumped the breaks on one of the consoles this morning The tweet below went out this morning, letting Nintendo Switch fans[...]
Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Release
The news was kinda already out there, but today, Nintendo confirmed via their Nintendo Direct presentation that Dark Souls Remastered will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 25th Below is the trailer for the release along with the official description that came out, including the amiibo figure that will be sold along with the[...]
We Now Know Who Is Developing Dark Souls: Remastered
We've been wondering who might be behind the development crew that is currently working on Dark Souls: Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and if the news that came out today is true, the work being done may be very hopeful.
Dark Souls Remastered Announced For Switch on Impromptu Nintendo Direct
Dark Souls Remastered has been confirmed, and we now know, as had been previously speculated, it is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. For the last 24 hours, a rumoured secret Nintendo Direct has been setting the internet ablaze, and chief among the expected announcements was a Dark Souls port for the Nintendo Switch It seems the[...]