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Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.

Everything That Is Coming To Netflix In May 2020

Films coming in May include the first two Back to the Future movies, the Underworld franchise, all three Jarhead films, Urban Cowboy, new David Spade film The Wrong Missy, United 93, and the critically acclaimed Uncut Gems New shows include Ryan Murphy's Hollywood, the final season of She-Ra, new comedy specials from Jerry Seinfeld and[...]

The Wrong Missy | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Wrong Missy Starring David Spade Hits Netflix May 13th

The Wrong Missy is the latest Netflix comedy starring David Spade to hit the streaming service This one stars all of the usual suspects that you will find in these films, with all of the hijinks they also usually contain In this one, Spade meets a supermodel during a layover at the airport and decides[...]

saturday night live

"Saturday Night Live" Season 45: Eddie Murphy Returning as Host, First Time Since 1984

Murphy went even as far as to capture close ups with facial expressions and burst into song explaining his own criminal actions.https://youtu.be/K_MDCH-W2WUDespite not having appeared in over a decade, Murphy refused to have anything to do with the series starting with the series’ 25th anniversary following a David Spade-hosted segment called “Spade in America.” An[...]