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That Was The Bad Idea Comics SDCC Pin-Exclusive Party That Was
We caught art from Lewis LaRosa, Ramon Villalobos, Alberto Ponticelli, David Lapham and more. Also spotted at the party, Matt Kindt of course, but  Josh Dysart, Kevin McGuire, John Layman, Xander Canon, Gonzo, Kyle Higgins, Chip Mosher, Christina Merkler of DCBS and Lunar and the President of the CBLDF, Jenn Haines, President of ComicsPRO, Benny Potter of Comicstorian,[...]
DCBS and InStockTrades Reduce Marvel Discounts Available
DCBS and InStockTrades, the online comic book ordering service and also the home of Lunar Distribution, have changed their Marvel Comics discount offers, as a result of Penguin Random House taking on Marvel as an exclusive distributor PRH has offered retailers a 50% discount flat rate including the cost of shipping to retailers Bleeding Cool[...]
The New Marvel Comics/Diamond Deal And The End Of The Big Discount?
Whether they order through Diamond or PRH, the likes of DCBS and Midtown, MyComicShop and Graham Crackers, Newbury Comics and Unknown Comics, or Things From Another World and Coliseum Of Comics, are going to have to drop any massive discounts they pass on to customers While smaller shops may suddenly be in a better position[...]
Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC Comics/Diamond News
What would have been the problem with rolling this out throughout the summer and working out the kinks? Why give this business to two of the biggest competitors comic shops have to already compete with (DCBS and Midtown Comics)? So, what to do? If you are a shop that has seen itself decimated by the pandemic,[...]
How they are distributing comic books to stores that are still open, through their two new distributors Lunar and UCS, or rather DCBS and Midtown Comics We also noted that these included a number of titles that were supposedly being held by Diamond Comic Distributors warehouses. Did DC Comics get the comics back from Diamond? Or[...]
Yesterday, Everything Changed - The Daily LITG 18th April 2020
Then DC Comics announced that they would also be returning to distribution sooner than that, from Tuesday, April 28th, from two new distributors, UCS Comics Distributors and Lunar Distribution, who Bleeding Cool shortly identified as Midtown Comics and DCBS respectively As this Google Streetmap view of UCS' credit application location indicates. Diamond Comic Distributors told Bleeding[...]
But who are they? UCS and Lunar Distribution – or Midtown Comics and DCBS Art from site front pages. Bleeding Cool has made enquiries without response, but it is notable that these appeared to be brand new endeavours The enquiry address on Lunar Distributors' front page gets their own URL incorrect, listing it as ucscomicdistributions.com not ucscomicdistributors.com[...]
Three Ways To Afford DC Comics' Convergence (UPDATE)
40 two-issue series, plus nine issues of a weekly running through it all… Collector's Paradise will give you 30% off, dropping the cover price down by over $100 from $357 to $249.99 DCBS is doing a 50% bundle of the Convergence issues- but not the nine issue weekly series $79.60 a month, so that's a total of $159.40 and[...]
Dynamite Will Not Overprint The Devilers, How Will That Affect Sales?
In this case they will only print enough to fill orders and to cover any damages. I asked Barrucci why, this was his response: "We wanted to give retailers the ability to stock up on copies for issue #1 at no risk, without having to go through hoops to hit thresholds, and wanted to give them the[...]
How MailOrderComics.Com Went Down
So what happened with MailOrderComics.com that necessitated DCBS stepping in and taking on their unfulfilled orders How would that be possible anyway? Bleeding Cool investigations have unearthed that MailOrderComics.com over extended their credit with Diamond, in the region of a low six figure sum and basically last week, they didn't get the comics they'd ordered[...]
DCBS Takes On MailOrderComics.Com's Commitments
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran a story about many complaints from customers of MailOrderComics.com and their fears that their orders, often hundreds of dollars each, we're not going to be fulfilled and that the company was going out of business. We were able to ascertain that there was a plan of action from another company to[...]
When DCBS Acquired TalesOfWonder.com
First delays explained by TOW moving to a new warehouse, but then items being delivered to customers via rival mail order site DCBS What was going on? Turns out that DCBS, or Discount Comic Buying Service, the largest comic book direct mail subscription services going, with its physical store in Fort Wayne, Indiana had bought Tales[...]
Retail Therapy: Would You Swap A 3D Cover For A 2D Cover With Added Discount?
Such as online discount comics store DCBS. They are asking for customers who are willing to reduce the number of 3D covers ordered on certain titles – right now that's Deadshot, Bizarro, Ventriloquist and Relic coming out the first week of September. Those who willingly swap a 3D order for a 2D order will now get that[...]