Three Ways To Afford DC Comics' Convergence (UPDATE)

So, the DC event-to-end-all-events, Convergence, is going to cost a lot. If you buy it all that is. 40 two-issue series, plus nine issues of a weekly running through it all… Collector's Paradise will give you 30% off, dropping the cover price down by over $100 from $357 to $249.99 DCBS is doing a 50% bundle of the […]

Dynamite Will Not Overprint The Devilers, How Will That Affect Sales?

Dynamite has been pushing their new Creators Unleashed line very hard. They're kicking it off with Joshua Hale Fialkov and his new series The Devilers then followed it up with Peter Milligan's Terminal Hero and Duane Swierczynski's Ex-Con. There is also supposed to be a Rick Remender series announced soon. We've covered The Devilers very […]

How MailOrderComics.Com Went Down

So what happened with MailOrderComics.com that necessitated DCBS stepping in and taking on their unfulfilled orders. How would that be possible anyway? Bleeding Cool investigations have unearthed that MailOrderComics.com over extended their credit with Diamond, in the region of a low six figure sum and basically last week, they didn't get the comics they'd ordered. […]

DCBS Takes On MailOrderComics.Com's Commitments

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran a story about many complaints from customers of MailOrderComics.com and their fears that their orders, often hundreds of dollars each, we're not going to be fulfilled and that the company was going out of business. We were able to ascertain that there was a plan of action from another company […]

When DCBS Acquired TalesOfWonder.com

Recently Tales Of Wonder.com comics mail order customers started noticing some issues with comics being shipped to them. First delays explained by TOW moving to a new warehouse, but then items being delivered to customers via rival mail order site DCBS. What was going on? Turns out that DCBS, or Discount Comic Buying Service, the […]

Retail Therapy: Would You Swap A 3D Cover For A 2D Cover With Added Discount?

The DC Villains Month 3D Cover fiasco took an interesting twist. We've reported how DC have had serious problems with fulfilling retailer orders of the lenticular covered comics in September from DC, with stores reporting serious allocations with 20% of orders received common, with some as low as 7%. We're also hearing that there may […]