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DC Comics To Change Digital First Policy
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Digital First-Among-Equals for DC Comics The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. The Daily LITG 9th May 2021 DC Changes Digital-First Policy For Their Upcoming Comics Giovanni Battle Guide For Pokémon[...]
DC Comics To Change Digital First Policy
A number of digital-first comic books, which play out on landscape pages, were initially created as portrait dimensions, so they had to be cut in half, often destroying the storytelling flow. Equally a number of digital-first comic books were created for landscape and then shoved together to create portrait pages with clashing backgrounds and obvious storytelling[...]
DC's Digital First Comics Are Really Digital Seconds
DC Comics has a line it calls Digital First Comic books created to be published digitally first usually a 10 page story, then collected with another chapter for a print comic later down the line. Except, rather than the comics being digital-first, they are more like digital seconds They are not drawn for the digital reading[...]
wonder woman (6)
We pointed out that you could drop a building on her in the recent Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace digital first comic and she'd be okay with it, mostly Even her clothes would make it out relatively unscathed But one threat in the DC Universe that she has much more difficulty defeating, it seems, is[...]
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In the wake of the comic book publishing drought right now, with even DC Comics' planned distribution for April and May relatively weak sauce, DC Comics has radically expanded their Digital First publishing programme Digital First, which sees DC Comics titles published digitally before being collected in print has usually been restricted to TV and[...]
Gage And Milligan On Adventures Of Superman, Guggenheim On Legends Of The Dark Knight
DC Comics has announced the creative teams that will finish out the year for two of their Digital First series Adventures Of Superman and Legends Of The Dark Knight… also, Legends will be moving to Tuesdays where Adventure will be released on Mondays starting next week. Adventures Of Superman October 28 – "Flowers for Bizarro" 3/3 written[...]