When The 'Love Is Love' Panel At Flame Con 2017 Took A Turn…(VIDEO)

A member of the audience brought-up the fact that a large number of contributors to the comic were white males, and wanted to know if that was ever addressed at any point and what their feelings were on there not being more diverse representation on the book.Andreyko's response (at around the 15 minute mark) has[...]

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When No One Tells You You're The Moderator At A Comic Con Panel

The panel was Switching It Up: Diversity in Comics, which as you all know is kinda my bag.Initially, the panel was to have Dan Slott on it, or so I'm told, but he had to drop out and they asked me — one of Dan's favourite people, I'm sure — to replace him Along with[...]

Jessica Chastain's NOT Happy With CBS' Lack Of Female Leads This Fall

The Television Critics Association's (TCA's) press junkets give the the networks the opportunity to prop-up their upcoming programming slate and address reporters on how they're changing the ways they do things to meet the ever-growing competition from other media sources.So when CBS senior executive vice president Thom Sherman and and CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl announced at[...]

LGBTQ Geek Year In Review – Looking At Another Year in LGBTQ+ Representation

 It was interesting to see a coming out story for an older character who is already established, discussing the realistic and under-represented situations.Whereas Ciriaco felt Riverdale dropped the ball on LGBTQ representation, like how they just seemed to make Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) a fifth wheel and a plot device to just move the plot[...]

UCLA Extension Instructors Advise Aspiring Screenwriters On Breaking-In

diversity program and later got her first job on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air She’s also worked on shows like Roc and Living Single At one time she was one of the few black women to be a showrunner for two shows simultaneously: One on One and Cuts. She said that it’s always good to have[...]

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Alive And Well In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Or he could have maybe looked at the commentary online swirling around ideas of representation and diversity Or he could have outright talked to fans on twitter etc Hm.It's tone deaf, but also understandable coming from Gunn I genuinely don't think it occurs to him that such a comment is maybe not what the LGBTQ+[...]

Marvel Legacy One Shot Looks Suspiciously Old School

Just revealed at the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2, we have been shown this cover to the oversized Marvel Legacy one-shot that launches the big Marvel Legacy rebranding that is part of Marvel's yearly refresh. First up, this cover by Joe Quesada is gorgeous. I mean just….GORGEOUS. But something sticks out a bit. […]

Chris Pratt Calls For Better Representation In Hollywood For Chris Pratt

Joining the chorus of voices of people calling out for better representation in Hollywood, Chris Pratt weighed in on the movie industry's diversity crisis via an interview in Fitness Magazine "I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories," said Pratt in the interview, excerpted on People.com[...]

If Not Diversity, What Is The Cause of Marvel's Comics Sales Slump?

That's why people left Marvel as far as I saw." And on diversity in comics? "vocal complainers about Marvel's shift to diversity are mainly the folks who come to my shop to chat and not buy things" What about the Distinguished Competition and their events? "Meanwhile DC is killing it with Rebirth and I'd say readers have been very[...]

Direct Market vs. Diversity: Another Look At The Issue

As Bleeding Cool has been breaking down and reporting in small, easily digestible chunks for readers from an extensive report from the Marvel Retailer Summit with ICv2 this weekend, Marvel has laid some of the blame for the comics sales slump, and presumably perceived weaker performance in their own sales, at the foot of the push[...]

Power Rangers Kicks Marvel And DC's Butt For Diversity

And it's in fact a lot better than some other superhero movies.Secondly, something that hit me about the film which was also completely incredible and amazing was the sheer diversity and inclusiveness in the film, that it manages to achieve effortlessly, and that far outstrips the vast majority of other superhero movies from much bigger[...]

GDC: Blizzard Threw Some Subtle Shade At The Rest Of The Industry Over Diversity

 During a discussion about Overwatch at GDC, the team was talking about embracing diversity with their latest hit Overwatch has been named Game of the Year by two separate gaming awards now, and there was a bit about Tracer's sexuality that came up during the DICE summit Tracer, being a known lesbian character, was one[...]

Universal Fancon Launches On Kickstarter, Targeting Women, LGBTQ, Disabled, POC In 2018

A new multi-fandom convention was announced yesterday, "dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons of Color."  Called Universal Fancon, the idea was created by Black Girl Nerds and The Black Geeks: Since it's on social media, I have a special announcement to make. I've partnered up with @theblackgeeks for new event to […]

Benedict Feige Praises Fox, DC Superhero Movies But Shoots Down Fox Collaboration

Which means its not out of the question!Feige also reiterated his commitment to Marvel's diversity, which he swears will start soon, only fifteen or so movies in: When you look at “Black Panther” — when you look at “Captain Marvel,” which will be Brie Larson in the title role — it is a very important thing[...]