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A look at the season three finale of Killing Eve, courtesy of BBC America and AMC.
Many fans are taking particular issue with the fact that there is diversity lacking in the writers' room for a series whose co-lead (Sandra Oh) is of Korean heritage. After the tweet went live, a number of prominent names screencapped or retweeted their issue with how lacking in diversity the writing team was Academy Award-winning director/producer[...]
A look at the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race, courtesy of Logo.
Diversity is kind of a big deal, especially in a community where thin, pageant pretty, and having a certain look/demeanor/style seems to be the status quo By casting queens from all over and all styles, RuPaul is sending the message loud and clear that anybody can do this just as they are You can be[...]
The number one problem with television today is a lack of diversity What?!?! But what about hit shows like Black-ish, Atlanta, Fresh Off the Boat, Scandal, Empire, Superstore, The Good Place? First, most of those are critical successes, but not necessarily ratings successes Indeed, the top rated scripted and reality shows are still over-whelmingly white,[...]
Kevin Feige Chats 'Black Panther' "Amazing Support" from Disney
It was a big movie that we were going to make with an almost entirely African and African-American cast. This was followed up by an "inclusion rider" question: THR: When we're talking about diversity in Hollywood, a big topic of conversation has been the idea of an inclusion rider What do you think of putting a representation[...]
DC Superman Diversity
DC Comics shared a famous picture of Superman speaking to schoolchildren about the importance of standing up for diversity on Twitter. "Initially created by the Institute for American Democracy as a school-book cover, this '50s-era piece features Superman speaking to school children about the importance of standing up for diversity, a relevant message no matter what[...]
Reed Hastings
We're trying to do things creatively." So how will Netflix handle the issue of diversity on its various projects? By having officials from the streaming service meet individually with filmmakers to discuss representation on their respective projects: "That's how we look at it." Hastings did not address how what is essentially a non-binding "handshake agreement" between Netflix[...]
Shots Fired at Marvel as Dan Didio Discusses DC Diversity?
DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio addressed his views on the diversity of DC's characters in an interview, and it's difficult not to view some of his comments as a direct shot at rival Marvel Comics, who temporarily replaced some of their most well-known characters like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America with legacy versions in over the past[...]
shes gotta have it
Less than two months after its first season premiere, Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It has been picked up for a second season by Netflix. Based on the 1986 film, the ten-episode first season stars DeWanda Wise along with Margot Bingham, Chyna Layne, Elise Hudson, Cleo Anthony, Lyriq Bent and Anthony Ramos.
On the Victims of the Marvel Cancellation Bloodbath
For me, as I began to see the scale of books affected, one thing grew disturbingly clear: all the titles involved diversity and representation, either in the characters featured within (nearly all including leads that were female, people of colour, or LGBTQ+) or in the form of the creator voices involved (again, largely women, people[...]
LGBTQ Writers And Creators Talk Queer Pop Culture At NYCC 2017
The creators need to take the old material and adapt it to current representation and diversity standards, while making sure there are LGBTQ and people of color both on camera and behind the scenes." James Reese and Anthony Grillo are the co-owners of Muscle Geek Physique, a fitness program that provides customized physical training and meal[...]
Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Developing Latino Series For CBS, CW
Actress Gina Rodriguez is putting her words into action when it comes to increasing diversity and representation in front of and behind the camera; the Jane the Virgin star is developing two new series for CBS and The CW that are centered around the Latino community. Rodriguez's I Can & I Will Productions will develop both[...]
When The 'Love Is Love' Panel At Flame Con 2017 Took A Turn…(VIDEO)
A member of the audience brought-up the fact that a large number of contributors to the comic were white males, and wanted to know if that was ever addressed at any point and what their feelings were on there not being more diverse representation on the book. Andreyko's response (at around the 15 minute mark) has[...]
comic con
The panel was Switching It Up: Diversity in Comics, which as you all know is kinda my bag. Initially, the panel was to have Dan Slott on it, or so I'm told, but he had to drop out and they asked me — one of Dan's favourite people, I'm sure — to replace him Along with[...]
Jessica Chastain's NOT Happy With CBS' Lack Of Female Leads This Fall
The Television Critics Association's (TCA's) press junkets give the the networks the opportunity to prop-up their upcoming programming slate and address reporters on how they're changing the ways they do things to meet the ever-growing competition from other media sources. So when CBS senior executive vice president Thom Sherman and and CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl announced at[...]
LGBTQ Geek Year In Review – Looking At Another Year in LGBTQ+ Representation
 It was interesting to see a coming out story for an older character who is already established, discussing the realistic and under-represented situations. Whereas Ciriaco felt Riverdale dropped the ball on LGBTQ representation, like how they just seemed to make Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) a fifth wheel and a plot device to just move the plot[...]
UCLA Extension Instructors Advise Aspiring Screenwriters On Breaking-In
diversity program and later got her first job on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air She's also worked on shows like Roc and Living Single At one time she was one of the few black women to be a showrunner for two shows simultaneously: One on One and Cuts. She said that it's always good to have[...]
bob iger
Or he could have maybe looked at the commentary online swirling around ideas of representation and diversity Or he could have outright talked to fans on twitter etc Hm. It's tone deaf, but also understandable coming from Gunn I genuinely don't think it occurs to him that such a comment is maybe not what the LGBTQ+[...]
Chris Pratt Calls For Better Representation In Hollywood For Chris Pratt
Joining the chorus of voices of people calling out for better representation in Hollywood, Chris Pratt weighed in on the movie industry's diversity crisis via an interview in Fitness Magazine "I don't see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they're not my stories," said Pratt in the interview, excerpted on People.com[...]