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3 DIY YouTube Channels To Help You Embrace Your Crafting Side
One fantastic place to turn to for DIY inspiration, from crafts to interior design, is YouTube creators and channels centered on the topic Nowadays, there are plenty of channels to choose from on the popular platform It's easy to get frustrated with budget constraints and the feeling of guilt (if not donating an item) of[...]
DIY: Comic Book Cover The Walking Dead (Image: A. Bodden)
So in the spirit of The Walking Dead and my love for art, I threw together some steps for a DIY TWD comic book cover starring our favorite walker apocalypse baseball bat-wielder and Rick Grimes' little "Coral." DIY: Comic Book Cover The Walking Dead (Image: A Bodden) Materials: Pencil and eraser Ink or Pen Spare paper (to try sketching on[...]
DIY: Pin Board (Image: A. Bodden)
Here is a little DIY board out of foam board that you can customize to fit any particular themes you like In my case, my main collection is Cardcaptor Sakura… okay, maybe not my main, but the one I want to focus on the most for now, at least. Cardcaptor Sakura series Clow Card and Sakura[...]
DIY Appa Card for the Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan in Your Life (Image: A. Bodden)
I thought: why not combine my biggest love, Art, with my newly found love for Avatar: The Last Airbender and create a little DIY card for a friend who is celebrating a birthday in the midst of solitude However, a birthday is not a necessary event for us to reach out to those in our[...]
'Murder House Flip' Quibi Trailer
Now if they only had some decent content to match the tech, because their DIY reality show Murder House Flip was a crime scene in series form The series is a  home renovation show where designers Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch visit families who inhabit homes where despicable crimes have occurred Through their "brilliant renovations",[...]
Create Your Own Funko Pop’s with New DIY Disney
Funko has announced that we will be getting three Disney characters that will be DIY Funko Pops We have seen DIY Pop's in the past with the male and female versions of these blank slates This time we will be getting not specifically a blank slate but we will be getting three Disney characters that[...]
WWE Mattel Hall of Champions Elite Johnny Gargano
Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa get their first Elite figures, from happier times when they were in DIY together They come with NXT Tag Team titles. Elite Kane from way back in Elite series 12 sees a re-release for the many collectors with this hole in their collection Classic Kane in his red getup comes with the[...]
snowman wax melts
Since I work primarily from home, I like to burn things like candles, and incense, and the souls of my enemies. But last night, I went the wax melt route, with these adorable snowman wax melts from Witchy Washy Bath Co.!