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Heroes Reborn #4 Review: The Worst Thus Far
After Hyperion's superiority complex and the insufferable smarm of Blur, possibly the worst thus far is "the most hated man in the heavens," Doctor Spectrum. Heroes Reborn #4 Cover Credit: Marvel After using the Worf Effect on numerous galactic powers, including Thanos and a Celestial, to establish the threat of Doctor Spectrum as a patriotic brute dispensing[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #4 (OF 7)
Everyone in the universe has a problem with Doctor Spectrum in this preview of Heroes Reborn #4, in stores next week from Marvel Comics And with good reason He ripped out The Watcher's eyeballs! He single-handedly beat Thanos… while Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet! Talk about OP! So can Rocket Raccoon and Groot take him[...]