Donna Troy

Titans #15 Review: The Titans Begin To Collapse

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Arsenal has caught Nightwing talking to H.I.V.E in a covert radio transmission. He and the rest of the Titans are not happy about this at all. Meanwhile, Herald and Gnarrk are continuing their assault on H.I.V.E to reclaim Bumblebee's memories. Psimon begins to be afflicted by telepathic storms from within his jail cell. […]

Titans #13 Review: Action And Heart Make Up For Hokey Romance

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] While on the hunt for Bumblebee's lost memory engram, the Titans have stumbled across Alton Labs. They barrel through H.I.V.E. soldiers and meet someone named Mr. Binder. He proves to have the ability to assimilate metahuman powers through some form of computer program and a battle suit. He can also multiply himself. Meanwhile, […]

Titans #12 Review: A Bit Too Much Melodrama

That was totally planned by the way (it was so convenient and I had no idea Titans was coming out this week).With the wrap-up of Lazarus Contract, the Titans are reeling from the revelations and conclusion of that story as well as with what Donna Troy learned about herself at the hands of her mentor,[...]

Rebirth Recap: Titans – A Jewel Of Modern DC

Plus, you have Dick Grayson’s return to the mantle of Nightwing, Donna Troy and Tempest’s reappearance, and the hint-drops in the direction of who is manipulating the DC Universe as we know it with the “missing 10 years.”It’s also only printed once a month, which I prefer to the twice-a-month titles for financial and narrative[...]

Meredith And David Finch On Redeeming Donna Troy

DC All-Access spoke with Meredith Finch and David Finch about the change of costume, the villain and if there is any redemption in the future for Donna Troy.[youtube][/youtube] With the release of Wonder Woman #43, we got to see a new look for Diana and a new set of problems[...]

So… Is Donna Troy In Wonder Woman's Armour, Coming To DC You?

There were plenty of folk to look at, in that final page of the Justice League United short story this week.We already talked about Captain Carrot and John Constantine.But who's that in the top left corner in front of Apollo?Donna Troy in Wonder Woman's cozzy?Could be...There were plenty of folk to look at, in[...]

The Return Of Donna Troy To The DC Universe? (SPOILERS)

If however, you would really like to know in which DC title Donna Troy may be appearing today, so that you can buy it, feel free to read on.Because, this is one of those final page spoilers We run them rarely - Detective Comics #1 with the skinned face of the Joker was one The[...]

Bleeding Cosplay – From Game of Thrones To Emma Frost

Arias ( Photographer: Ernesto Javier Flores ( (X-Men First Class) : Annaka Cosplay  ( Photographer: Templar Digital photographyJoffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones) : Shadowsdoor Photographer: snaphappyian.zenfolio.comGoku (Dragon Ball Z) : Living Son Goku ( (Jellyfish Princess) : Koaru-Chii ( Photographer: Arctic-Sonata ( (Fairy Tail) : Crona94 ( Photographer : Artano Photography ( Amelia (Treasure Planet) :[...]