Titans #13 Review: Action And Heart Make Up For Hokey Romance

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Titans #13

While on the hunt for Bumblebee's lost memory engram, the Titans have stumbled across Alton Labs. They barrel through H.I.V.E. soldiers and meet someone named Mr. Binder. He proves to have the ability to assimilate metahuman powers through some form of computer program and a battle suit. He can also multiply himself.

Meanwhile, Wally's heart is still damaged, Tempest is letting his feelings for Omen cloud his judgement, Arsenal is obsessed with the possibility of Donna and Wally sparking a romantic relationship, and there is still the concern of the traitor in the mix. Can the Titans overcome all of these obstacles to help their friend?

This is a rocking, action-packed issue to compensate for last issue's slow-moving and character-focused pacing. The majority of the comic is spent watching the Titans throw down with Mr. Binder. There are a lot of creative action beats, and it's a lot of fun to read.

The continued focus on the romantic relationships sprouting up between team members is a little hokey, especially the Arsenal-Troy-Flash love triangle, which feels ripped from a CW teen drama. There's nothing wrong with adding romantic sparks between team members, obviously. However, it can really amp up the melodrama if not done carefully.

The saving grace is the comic's focus on teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie. It's something that not enough team books have anymore. Titans has made this a focus since the beginning, which makes the traitor subplot that much more affecting.

Plus, the aforementioned action sequences are a lot of fun. They are paced well; the scenario is unique and is handled in a very Titans manner. Mr. Binder is a fun new villain with boundless smugness.

Titans #13 Review: Action And Heart Make Up For Hokey Romance

This is aided by V. Ken Marion's rock-solid artwork. Though I'm sad to see that Kenneth Rocafort didn't get to stick around, Marion's artwork is really fitting for this comic. It's fast-moving and kinetic while keeping that superhero flare. The design of Binder's battle armor is ridiculous and fun. Plus, the color work of Andrew Dalhouse continues to be bright and striking. It's very much a visually pleasing comic.

The team also discovers who the traitor may be at the end. I'm curious how the person who discovered it came to this conclusion. That will be interesting to discover next issue.

This comic earns its recommendation very easily. It's a lot of fun, and despite the bubbling melodrama, it never became unenjoyable. Give this one a read.

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