The Return Of Donna Troy To The DC Universe? (SPOILERS)

If you are planning to read any DC Comics titles today, you may want to skip this bit. If however, you would really like to know in which DC title Donna Troy may be appearing today, so that you can buy it, feel free to read on.


Because, this is one of those final page spoilers. We run them rarely – Detective Comics #1 with the skinned face of the Joker was one. The appearance of Spoiler in Batman #28 was another. Comics in which there is a reason, beyond story spoilers, to pick up that you may not have otherwise.

But there's still time to back out.


Okay, you've asked for it.

Donna Troy was created as a younger version of Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, with the intention thatshe appear alongside her older self in some time-twisting tale – but then eventually was treated as a separate character. Eventually given her own origin and self, Donna Troy had a variety of identities over the years, including membership of the Teen Titans, and became a focal point of multiversal complexities. For the New 52 relaunch, even tough she is briefly mentioned in Red Hood And The Outlaws, she does not exist as a character. It was intended by Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver for Donna Troy to appear in a recent issue of Multiversity (there were sketches).


But she did not.

However today… and there's still time to back out…


…she returns. And it's on the final page of today's Wonder Woman. For what's going on, or why she might return and why, yes, she appears to be stark naked, you'll have to read the rest of the comic.

Image (48)

But for those DC Comics fans who couldn't rest easy until her return was on the cards, you can now have a sit down. And start writing letters about Cassandra Cain again.

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