'Supernatural' Review – "Damaged Goods" Ripe with Winchester Intrigue [SPOILERS]

The CW's Supernatural is definitely setting us up for an overload of feels in the 300th episode, with each week delivering classic Winchester dilemmas and heartwarming family moments. In "Damaged Goods," we see Dean (Jensen Ackles) face another seemingly impossible situation that requires sacrifice – once again.   This whole episode had me on edge. […]

Rose Joins The Tenth Doctor | The Christmas Invasion | Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Giving Chris Chibnall the Benefit of All the Holiday Doubts

In the short time since Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) assumed the role of show runner for Doctor Who, he has taken pride in shaking things up. In addition to a new Doctor (Jodie Whittaker, Broadchurch) who has a new outlook on life, there is new theme music, a new TARDIS (inside and out), and new companions who the Doctor […]

'Siren' Season 2: Natalee Linez Joins Cast as Bristol Cove's Mysterious New Resident

With Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action series Siren returning to Freeform in January 2019, the town of Bristol Cove – and possibly Xander (Ian Verdun) – will be getting a "plus one" for it's second season. Natalee Linez (The Art of Panic, The Swerve) has been cast in a recurring role in the thriller drama as Nicole, a […]

Supernatural Season 14: Wayward Sisters to Appear "in Multiple Episodes"

While Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters may not have made The CW's schedule, Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and her squad of up-and-coming monster slayers will be finding their way back to the world of The Winchester Bros. for Supernatural's 14th season — most likely to pull their butts out of the fire one more time. Co-showrunner […]

Siren Season 2: Garcelle Beauvais Joins Freeform Series as Maddie's Mother

With production currently under way in Vancouver on the second season of Freeform's Siren, the population of Bristol Cove is about to "plus-one" it with Garcelle Beauvais (The Arrangement) joining Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama in a recurring role. Garcelle is set to play Susan Bishop, Maddie's (Fola Evans-Akingbola) mother and Dale's (Gil Birmingham) […]

Siren Season 1, Episode 10 / Series Review: A Weak Season Finale for a Promising Series

Welcome to our final edition of Bleeding Cool's weekly recap/review of the first season of Freeform's Siren, Eric Wald  and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama. The season finale brought a permanent end to some of our characters; major changes to others; a town council demanding answers; and Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) at a personal crossroads – with Ryn […]

Siren Songs: Join Bleeding Cool's Mer-Mazing Season Finale Live-Blog Tonight!

Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama Siren is rushing head-long into a mere-folk/shady goverment showdown on the streets of Bristol Cove. Can Ryn (Eline Powell) find a way to bring about a ceasefire before things gets worse – even as her sister Donna (Sibongile Mlambo) lays dying from a gunshot wound, courtesy of […]

Siren Season 1, Episode 9 'Street Fight' Review: A Shot Across Bristol Cove's Bow

Welcome to our penultimate edition of Bleeding Cool's weekly recap/review of Freeform's Siren, Eric Wald  and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama. That's right, we're almost at the season finale (props to Freeform for the large second-season pick-up) as we take a look at the series' ninth episode. While Xander's (Ian Verdun) going through the stages of grief righteously well-armed, Donna's (Sibongile […]

Siren Season 1, Episode 7 'Dead in the Water' Review: Merman Means Business

Welcome to our seventh edition of Bleeding Cool's weekly recap/review of Freeform's Siren, Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama. Last week, Bristol Cove continued inching closer to being ground zero for some kind of mermaid/government stand-off. Helen (Rena Owen) and Donna's (Sibongile Mlambo) bond strengthened as our speculation about Helen grew. Donna and Ryn's […]

Siren Season 1, Episode 6 'Showdown' Review: Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

Welcome to our sixth round of Bleeding Cool's weekly recap/review of Freeform's Siren, Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama. After last week's mini-time jump and not-surprising-but-still-cool revelations about Helen (Rena Owen), the conspiracies are getting deeper and more complex as Bristol Cove appears to be "ground zero" for an inevitable 'Showdown' (also this week's […]

Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Tweets the Series' Forgotten Horrors

It's turning out to be a pretty good week for Supernatural fans, with the beloved CW horror series not only raising the curtain on Season 13, but also formally introducing viewers to the backdoor pilot for a Wayward Sisters spinoff series. In an effort to keep the creepy-good vibes going, show creator Eric Kripke took to […]

Supernatural's Kim Rhodes Talks Sheriff Mills and Her 'Wayward Sisters'

Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and the rest of her 'Wayward Sisters' are set to mark their return to The CW's Supernatural in a big way this Thursday — and it couldn't come at a better time for brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki). This week's Season 13 mid-season premiere doesn't just […]

Supernatural: Wayward Sisters Must Save Sam and Dean from The Bad Place

With Supernatural set for a Season 13 mid-season return next week, The CW has released an extended trailer for an episode whose title alone gives away just how important this episode is to the cast, creators and fans of Supernatural: 'Wayward Sisters.' The tenth episode of the current season is also serving as a backdoor […]