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Dragon Quest XI Receieves a New Update With Bug Fixes

This week, Square Enix announced they were implementing a new update to Dragon Quest XI to take care of several bugs and lingering issues. Surprisingly, they didn't have much to clean up on the PS4 version compared to the Steam version. We have the primary focus list for you here, which you can download immediately. […]

Square Enix Announce Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch

Square Enix officially announced the latest Dragon Quest game is coming to Nintendo Switch, but it's getting a slight change along the way. The official title of the game will be Dragon Quest XI S, with the S apparently standing for whatever you'd like it to stand for, but primarily people are identifying it as […]

Dragon Quest XI is Getting a Costume From a Previous Chapter in the Series

We're less than a month away from seeing Dragon Quest XI come to the PS4, but before that, we're now getting some really cool reveals. This morning, Square Enix decided to give fans a little treat as they revealed an extra in the game that should make some longtime players very happy. The company has […]

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Square Enix Shows Off Over 15 Minutes of Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

For those of you who have been wanting to get a better look at Dragon Quest XI in an English format, Square Enix has done you a solid today by showing off over 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming North American release of the game. While there's a lot to take in here, the […]

We Have Details On Dragon Quest XI's Key Villians, But Still No Western Release

Thanks to Siliconera, we have more details on Square Enix's newest installment in the Dragon Quest series, this time they were showing off Dragon Quest XI's key villains. The details were found on the game's site and translated by Siliconera The first character is King Delkadal. Described as a wise man and an able swordsman, he is the […]

Dragon Quest 11 Will Put A 3DS And PS4 Copy In One Bundle

[caption id="attachment_635498" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//IGN[/caption]In a decently weird move, Square Enix will be packaging Dragon Quest 11 with both a PS4 and 3DS copy of the game Which is awesome if, like me, you happen to own the both of those - and given Japan's preference for the PS4 and 3DS systems, there is some sense[...]