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How Jack Kirby's
The famous Jack Kirby adage to the young James Romberberg, wanting to work in the comic book industry, was "Comics will break your heart." The idea that passionate souls pour their heart into a medium, are exploited by an industry, then spat out, penniless, unmourned and unloved is one that has been demonstrated by a plethora[...]
Lost Girls Pulled Off New Zealand Library Shelves – In Order For It Not To Be Censored
You can probably guess why. But there's an intriguingly Catch-22 twist. Louise LaHatte, regional collections manager for Auckland City Libraries, said the book had never gone to the Office of Film and Literature Classification but the library was worried if the book was referred to the censor it would be found objectionable – meaning the library had[...]
Infinite Sandbox: The Cartozia Tales Kickstarter Closes In 66 Hours
Dylan Horrocks,  James Kochalka and Evan Dahm are amongst the names who've appeared to date and future guests include Kelly Sue DeConnick, Meredith Gran and Jason Lutes This constant element of change in the creative teams keeps the books, and the world, fresh and is yet another challenge in a series that thrives on them. Now[...]
Comics Creators On… Syria (UPDATE)
I'm just appalled by people acting like Assad is somehow a victim. — Dylan Horrocks (@dylanhorrocks) August 29, 2013   @MahmudAsrar I'm so conflicted about Syria Damned if we do, damned if we don't. — Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) August 27, 2013   Is this proposed attack on Syria designed to complete the list of things the Lib Dems would never do? —[...]
"Spoiler Was Gonna Die" – Inside The DC Writer Meeting That Killed Stephanie Brown
At the Auckland Writers And Readers Fest, one panel saw Adrian Kinnaird, Ant Sang, Chris Slane, Dylan Horrocks and Karen Healey talk about the industry and the artform. And it got onto sexism in comics With Karen Healey recounting to the audience the example of Stephanie Brown's (Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl) death in the DC comics and[...]