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Metal Gear, Earthworm Jim, Metroid, Game IPs Needed on TV Streaming
Here are three more IPs I think that can work at least On-Demand in Metal Gear, Earthworm Jim, and Metroid. Metal Gear Solid, Earthworm Jim, and Metroid Prime Images courtesy of Konami, Shiny Entertainment/Playmates Interactive, and Nintendo Metal Gear Would you believe Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear franchise is over 30 years old? With tons of espionage IPs in[...]
Marcelo Ventura Creates Earthworm Spawn
He specialises in detailed gothic recreation of other people's charactes, whether that be Rick & Morty, Mario Bros, or a current Dumbo/Joker mashup. But he got quite a lot of attention for a recent creation on Instagram, that of Doug TenNapel's Earthworm Jim as Todd McFarlane's Spawn With the legend 'for love he returned … By hate[...]
What's In The Box?! Loot Gaming – February 2018
I wish the Loot Crate pins would switch over to a rubber stopper to prevent scaring and torn clothing with the metal backs, but we have to make due with what we got. Moving onto the item that made the box as shaped as it was, we got ourselves a metal lunch box with Earthworm Jim[...]
'Earthworm Jim' Creator Sends Contentious Tweet To Transgender Writer
His most famous work is Earthworm Jim, one of the more heralded games on the Sega Genesis and later systems with sequels. A couple days ago, Kotaku posted a piece written by Heather Alexandra called "Earthworm Jim's Mean-Spirited Satire Doesn't Hold Up", which is a quick and modern critique of a 23-year-old platformer, nothing different than some of[...]
"I Never Let Anyone Tell Me No" – Doug Tennapel On Publishing Comics
From the 2013 Denver Comic Con we have a clip of Doug Tennapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim, talking about creating comics and how you can't take no for an answer or put control of your career in other people's hands. [youtube][/youtube] This showed up on Youtube this weekend but is a bit older[...]
How Saturday Morning Cartoons Influenced Reynard City
Oh and of course the theme tune and opening sequence. Samurai Pizza Cats Mental, energetic and colourful- this show is everything Saturday morning cartoons should be about (plus you've got to love an opening intro that has a dig at its more popular rival!) Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Why are these[...]