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Let's Look At Some New Hasbro Ghostbusters Figures For All Ages
That also included Ectotron, a cool crossover with Transformers More are starting to trickle out as we speak, including the two toys we are going to take a look at today Hasbro sent over the new, updated release of Ectotron, along with a neat Stay Puft figure, so let's take a look at em. Ghostbusters Hasbro[...]
Transformers x Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Ecto-35 SDCC Exclusive Revealed
After already revealing their new Ectotron figure at New York Toy Fair earlier this year, and the comic it is based off of, today Polygon revealed their SDCC exclusive Transformers x Ghostbusters MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 figure The figure, a repaint of the excellent MP-10 Optimus Prime figure we have already, features Optimus decked out[...]
Bleeding Cool's Ten Favorite Things We Saw at New York Toy Fair 2019
All of the Funko Ghostbusters items revealed are great, and it just means they will continue to get all of my money. Hasbro Transformers/Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Ectotron Frigure Speaking of Ghostbusters, they really took over this show I feel like almost every booth had something with the Ghostbusters involved Revealed the day before the show, this special[...]
New York Toy Fair: Hasbro's Transformers Have More Than Meets The Eye
Maybe one of the toys of the whole Toy Fair though is the Transformers/Ghostbusters collaboration Ectotron He comes in vintage style packaging, and is Ecto-1 in robot form! He sold out on preorder on Hasbro Pulse, but can be preordered on Gamestops website. Studio Series Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Dropkick, Age of Extinction[...]
Transformers Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Ectotron 1
Transformers and Ghostbusters will mash-up in a new collaboration, debuting a new character called ECTO-1 Ectotron This figure will be available as a Gamestop exclusive in stores this summer, and is available for preorder right now there and on the relaunched Hasbro Pulse site IDW will debut the characters origin in a new 5 issue[...]