New York Toy Fair: Hasbro's Transformers Have More Than Meets The Eye

Hasbro held their annual brand presentation this afternoon, and the Transformers brand team had a bunch of awesome new stuff to show off. The main focus was on their really strong line War For Cybertron: Siege, which has been a huge hit with fans and collectors alike so far. Ditto the Studio Series line paying homage to the Transformers films.They had tons of booth on display at their booth this afternoon, so let's take a look at everything!

Of all the things I saw at the Transformers booth, this may be the coolest. The new Siege Jetfire can switch emblems from Autobot to Decepticon. How awesome is that? We also got a great look at new figures like Impactor, Thundercracker, Mirage, and the humongous and totally rad Omega Supreme. Seriously: that thing is awesome. Maybe one of the toys of the whole Toy Fair though is the Transformers/Ghostbusters collaboration Ectotron. He comes in vintage style packaging, and is Ecto-1 in robot form! He sold out on preorder on Hasbro Pulse, but can be preordered on Gamestops website.

Studio Series Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Dropkick, Age of Extinction Drift, and Revenge of the Fallen Hightower looked cool, as did an in person look finally at Dark of the Moon Megatron, it was my first time seeing him up close. Man what a figure.

Over in the Movie Masterpiece line, Megatron and Jazz were shown off, along with a totally amazing Beast Wars Megatron that I can confirm is as cool in person as it is in photos.

Finally, they also had in-package looks at the Transformers TCG Series 2 packs and sets. The Combiner Wars cards look incredible, and those should be in stores in two weeks.

Throw in some other looks at upcoming Siege figures, and the Transformers line looks like it is firing on all cylinders right now. Check out tons of pics of everything below.

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