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Ghostbusters Figures For All Ages Are Hitting Stores From Hasbro

Hasbro got the Ghostbusters license not too long ago now, and you can forgive them for not having a ton on the shelves so far. There was supposed to be a film out and plenty of toys to support it, but then the pandemic hit, and that all went out the window. A few things have hit shelves, however, and they have been pretty stellar. The Plasma series figures were pretty great, and the Retro figures were received well. That also included Ectotron, a cool crossover with Transformers. More are starting to trickle out as we speak, including the two toys we are going to take a look at today. Hasbro sent over the new, updated release of Ectotron, along with a neat Stay Puft figure, so let's take a look at em.

Let's Look At Some New Hasbro Ghostbusters Figures For All Ages
Ghostbusters Hasbro Figures

Ghostbusters Is In Good Hands Right Now

Some collectors have questioned what they have been doing with this line so far, but they were put in an impossible situation. At Toy Fair last year, they showed off so many cool toys, including some more kid-friendly options like this Stay Puft, and they didn't get to release any of it yet. And I can't blame them; they need to set themselves up to succeed. It has been forever since we have had a great Ghostbusters run of toys on the shelf, and I am glad they are taking their time myself. People have no patience anymore.

As for Mr. Stay Puft, this is a great kids toy. He is not made for collectors per se; there are only five articulation points on this one: the wrists, the arms, and a slight one on the waist. That is it. His head doesn't move to hold the mechanism for switching his face from happy to mad, which is achieved by pressing the top of his head. When I opened this, I was not impressed. But the more I fiddled with it, the more I liked it. For $15, this is a fun toy for a kid, as evidenced by my 8-year-old grabbing it and running around with it for the last week or so. I love these Hasbro kids lines for their various properties, and putting this in that category, this has to be considered a home run.

The other toy is an update to Ectotron. born out of the Transformers Ghostbusters crossover from last year, this figure has been out before, but in a vintage style box. This new version comes in a plastic blister and is packed in with an extra ghost, a new deco, and the first issue of the comic. Usually, I would open this right away, but I like how this looks in the package so much I am keeping it MOC. I had the original release, and this new one is very similar. This one is updated to reflect the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Ecto-1, complete with some new paint aps, a new facesculpt, and the new blue ghost included. That new ghost, Muncher, is in the new film. The goggles on the head are also inspired by the new film. Overall this looks different enough to warrant a new purchase. the price is a little high compared to the new release, though, at $59.99. That's a tad too high, maybe, but there is enough in the package to warrant a price increase.

Thank you again to Hasbro for sending these over to look at. We will look at a few more Ghostbusters offerings in the next couple of days, but until then, these can be found in stores now.

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