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American Horror Story
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of American Horror Story: Cult, starting with this week's Episode 1: 'Election Night.' Check out the video below for my overview/recap of the episode along with some Spare Parts that I picked up along the way that I thought you might find interesting. One thing I can say right from the start?[...]
'Cult' Following: Join Bleeding Cool's 'American Horror Story' LIVE-BLOG!
Welcome to 'Cult' Following: American Horror Story S07E01 – 'Election Night', Bleeding Cool's live-blog play-by-play of Ryan Murphy's Tuesday night tale of terror on FX I'm going to be throwing-out a lot of thoughts, opinions and random off-topic tangents…so make sure you let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9uMWKPdnPAVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: American[...]