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The Witcher offered early looks at the second season. (Image: Netflix)
While the Halloween weekend brought a couple of treats for viewers in the form of some second-season creature first-looks, Tuesday brought the production a big, old "trick" in the form of England's recently-announced COVID lockdown that begins this Thursday So what does that mean for production? The Witcher offered early looks at the second season[...]
England, Go To Your Comic Shop This Week (Before Thursday)
Yesterday, as expected, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new lockdown for England and anyone else who wants to play along From Thursday, that means the closure of any non-essential shops, all restaurants and bars except for takeaway and delivery services Courts and medical centres will remain open, as will schools, colleges and universities Movement[...]
It appears the era of loot boxes may be coming to a close within the next few years, and England has a new report on them tied to gambling The report published by Claire Murdoch, the mental health director of England's National Health Service did a study on the subject and said that the transactions[...]