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Monster Hunter Gets an Official Release Date More Delays

Monster Hunter Gets an Official Release Date, More Delays

Credit Sony Pictures[/caption]Thew new Monster Hunter date was previously held by Escape Room 2, which has been moved to some unknown date in 2021, but we can expect it will probably be in the early spring The late winter and early spring has become the prime dumping ground for middle ground horror movies that aren't good enough[...]

Escape Room 2 Pushed Back to December 30 2020

'Escape Room 2' Pushed Back to December 30, 2020

Escape Room 2 has been pushed back yet again The horror sequel to the surprise hit from 2019 will now look to have the same success in January, as it will open December 30th, 2020 and into the new year That first film ended up grossing $155 million worldwide on a tiny $9 million budget,[...]

Escape Room Sequel is Coming in April 2020

'Escape Room' Sequel is Coming in April 2020

Here's hoping that for a sequel they can tighten those types of things up.Escape Room 2 will open on April 17, 2020. Escape Room is getting a sequel The January film will see a second installment hitting theaters on April 17, 2020 Adam Robitel will return to direct the next installment, bringing with him writer[...]