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EverQuest II Reveals Game's 19th Expansion: Renewal Of Ro
In the latest producer letter, Darkpaw Games revealed the latest expansion for EverQuest II, which they are calling Renewal Of Ro The letter actually went over a number of items, including how they're working with Extra life again, which we have a snippet of that info down below But the big selling point to the[...]
EverQuest II Will Receive New Major Update On April 12th
Darkpaw Games announced this week they have a brand new major update coming to EverQuest II, revealed by the head of the studio In a letter penned by Jennifer Chan, it goes over a number of the changes that will be coming to the next update, as well as providing a roadmap for content coming[...]
EverQuest II: Toil & Trouble Game Update
Darkpaw Games has released a brand new update into EverQuest II as players can now dabble in more magic with Toil & Trouble The update brings with it a ton of new content which includes dungeons, collections, and missions for fans and members to explore throughout the game We have a rundown of what's included[...]
"EverQuest II" Receives The New “Blood of Luclin” Expansion
Daybreak Games released a new expansion for EverQuest II this week, as players will get a chance to explore the new story from "Blood Of Luclin" Thi snew expansion gives you several new quests, achievements, and collections A number of new zones have been added including the Sanctus Seru, The Blinding, Aurelian Coast, and Wracklands[...]