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Marvel Comics
Mary Jane Watson and Paul Rabin have lost their children who may have never existed in the first place… While Felicia Hardy is looking at her relationship with Peter Parker… And Kraven The Hunter is fighting with the Queen Goblin You know, Ashley Kafka. Leading to Mary Jane and Paul Rabin no longer connecting in that way… Felicia Hardy[...]
Marvel Comics
So what do Kelly and Dodson do? Why, put them together with their respective current partners in a spa, Paul and Mary Jane, Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy – The Black Cat Hilarity ensues. It may well be worth noting at this point that the Black Cat has been welcomed into the LGBTQ+ community as a[...]
Iron Cat Confirms Black Cat's Relationship With Tamara Blake
The previous year, in the previous volume's Black Cat #10, there was an under-the-table moment with Tamara Blake. In the new Black Cat series that began at the end of 2020 we had her mentor, the Black Fox talk to the Black Cat about Blake and Odessa Drake, head of the Thieves Guild of New York. And[...]
Mary Jane And Black Cat Beyond #1 Review: Enjoyable
Credit: Marvel Comics Spider-Man is in a coma, and he's had a model and actress Mary Jane Watson (i.e., "his girlfriend") and professional thief Felicia Hardy (i.e "his ex," doing business as the Black Cat) both regularly posted up at his bedside As Raymond Reddington said on The Blacklist, patterns can prove fatal[...]
Gomez… Mary Jane Watson dressed up as Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat And the editorial equivalent of HTML. Amazing Spider-Man #87 Which indeed is also out today, Mary Jane And The Black Cat: Beyond #1 by Jed MacKay and C.F Villa to give form to that particular wet dream. Mary Jane And The Black Cat: Beyond #1 Oh not,[...]
Death Of Doctor Strange Spider Man #1 Review: Effective
Case in point: Peter Parker's ex-girlfriend Felicia Hardy, doing business as the anti-heroine and burglar the Black Cat — she thinks Reilly is a thief (and yes, the issue addresses how that's the snow calling the glue white) and is not a fan of him at all While they argue over Parker's comatose form, the[...]
A History Of Black Cat
Tamara and someone who may have been Odessa. Then, for Black Cat #7, Marvel Comics including a Pride Variant cover featuring Felicia Hardy on a montage of previous milestones in gay representation in Marvel Comics, including Northstar in Alpha Flight #106, America Chavez and more. And then, the comic in question, published today, taking the subtext and[...]
Black Cat #12 Review: The Series Ends (For Now) But What Comes Next?
Villa's take on Felicia Hardy As she does battle with Iron Man in this twisty and quippy finale, what does the future look like for Black Cat? Jed MacKay's ongoing series ends with Black Cat #12 Credit: Marvel Black Cat is a ton of fun as it ends, just as it has been since the beginning[...]
REVIEW: Black Cat #10 -- "This Is One Madripoor Vacation You'll Love"
(Marvel Comics, creative team: Jed McKay, Kris Anka, Brian Reber, Ferran Delgado) Do you like fun? Do you like wild, kinetic action? Do you like brilliantly executed framing devices used to illustrate the point? If you answered "yes" to all those questions, you are in the right place as a heist that follows all the rules[...]