Black Cat #12 Review: The Series Ends (For Now) But What Comes Next?

Black Cat #12 concludes, at least for now, Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa's take on Felicia Hardy. As she does battle with Iron Man in this twisty and quippy finale, what does the future look like for Black Cat?

Jed MacKay's ongoing series ends with Black Cat #12. Credit: Marvel
Jed MacKay's ongoing series ends with Black Cat #12. Credit: Marvel

Black Cat is a ton of fun as it ends, just as it has been since the beginning. As loose ends are tied up, and future storylines are hinted at, the reader may have to suspend their disbelief in this one a little more than most Marvel stories. Black Cat, with what seems like ease, uses Tony Stark's own tech to out-perform him physically and outsmart him at every turn, and it does feel a little bit like she's able to do this because it's her title rather than any character or plot-based reason set up in the story. Even with this, though, it's a fun tale with a sharp twist that breezes through plot points with light-hearted fun.

It's crazy to think that the 2000s are far enough away that a book could evoke nostalgia for the era, but Black Cat does just that. With a J. Scott Campbell cover, interior art from C. F. Villa and Brian Reber that feels heavily influenced by Campbell's style, quip-driven dialogue, and even lettering from Ferran Delgado that doesn't evoke the house-style in most Marvel books. The Black Cat ongoing series feels like it lives, purposefully and lovingly so, in the 2000s.

The final page in the book promises that Black Cat will return with King in Black, and Jed MacKay seemingly confirmed in a Twitter thread that the series would be back after, perhaps, a "couple months off." It remains to be seen how much left of this story there is to tell, but for those hoping for hints, following the character to King in Black, the upcoming Venom event, would be the best bet.

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